How to Protect Your Investment When Buying iPads, Tablets, and eBook Readers

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How to Protect Your Investment When Buying iPads, Tablets, and eBook Readers

New gadgets, especially those that incorporate the latest and greatest technologies, can be expensive. This means that most individuals are understandably cautious with these new items, and do what they can to ensure the gadgets are not damaged, lost, or stolen. Even with the utmost care, loss, damage, and theft can and do occur, but there are tools that can help individuals protect their investment and keep their gadgets in good working order.

There are two main ways for gadget owners, and prospective gadget owners, to protect the items in question. The first is to protect them against loss or theft and the second is to protect them against being damaged. Damage includes physical damage to the screen, water damage to the internal components, or any other type of harm that causes the device not to work properly. When considering ways to protect iPads, tablets, and eBook readers,, there are several factors that prospective buyers must consider.

Consider Purchasing a Protection or Insurance Plan

Many companies offer protection plans with their devices. The cost varies from manufacturer to manufacturer as well as from gadget to gadget, but typically these plans cover the replacement of the item if it is damaged beyond repair. Some require the user to pay a deductible, and the actual terms of the plan vary from company to company, so prospective buyers should always read the fine print and ask questions before opting for a protection plan. The protection coverage offered by Apple for the iPad, for example, does not cover loss or theft, may not cover all types of damage, and requires users to pay a deductible as well. Another option for insurance is to use an actual insurance company. Plans offered through insurance companies are usually about the same price as the manufacturer plans, but may offer more coverage, lower deductibles, or both.

Most manufacturer protection plans must be purchased when the item itself is purchased, so individuals who are currently shopping for an iPad, tablet, or eBook reader should check out what types of protection plans are available for the item they are considering purchasing. Though many people forego these protection plans, they have the potential to save individuals from the need to purchase another iPad, tablet, or eBook reader if the first one gets damaged.

Install an Anti-Theft App

Though the best way to protect an iPad, tablet, or eBook reader from theft is to keep it from getting stolen in the first place, many of these devices have anti-theft apps that can be used in the event the device is lost or stolen. Typically these apps allow users to locate the geographical location of the device by using the device's unique digital address and the GPS technology that is built into the device. Devices that are turned off or that are in airplane mode cannot be tracked using these apps, so it is better for the owners of this technology to keep tabs on the device at all times and prevent it from being stolen in the first place than to try to track it down once it has been stolen.

Some of these apps also allow users to lock the device remotely so even if it cannot be recovered, the data contained on the device is protected from prying eyes. Individuals interested in installing one of these anti-theft apps should check out their respective app store to find out which ones have the best ratings.

Finding Lost Devices

Those who misplace their tablet, iPad, or eBook reader can also use these apps to locate them, provided the device's battery has not died and the device has not been turned off. Prevention is also the key to preventing an iPad, tablet, or eBook reader from being lost, so individuals should always keep their device in a safe location when it is not in use.

Buy a Good Case

While some individuals buy cases for their devices based solely on looks, this could be a big mistake, especially if the case in question is flimsy and not truly designed for protection. A good case should fit the device perfectly so that it cannot come loose or fall out, and should provide some padding in the event the device is dropped or banged against something. Some cases, such as Otterbox cases , are also designed to protect iPads, tablets, and eBook readers from water damage, so individuals who are concerned about this may want to take a look at these cases.

Once one decides on a case that provides the necessary protection, the key is to keep the device in the case at all times. If an individual has to remove the case for any reason, there is a possibility that the device could be damaged while it is not in the case. For this reason, individuals should also ensure that the cases they are considering allow access to all of the important buttons on the device so they do not have to take the iPad, tablet, or eBook reader out of the case to use it.

Use a Screen Protector

The screens on most iPads, tablets, and eBook readers are made of glass; this means that, if the user drops it, bangs it against a hard object, or drops something on it, it may shatter. Protective cases absorb some of the impact and may prevent or minimise damage to the screen. In addition to shattering, the screens are also subject to scratches and other superficial damage, which could affect the functionality of the iPad, tablet, or eBook reader. Thus, many users opt for a screen protector.

Screen protectors are thin sheets of clear plastic that are shaped to fit over the screen of a specific iPad, tablet, or eBook reader. The protector keeps the screen itself from being scratched. If the protector gets scratched, users can peel it off and apply a new one so that the functionality of the device is not compromised. Screen protectors are quite inexpensive and are often sold in multipacks so users can replace them as needed.

Take Care of the Device

While it is beneficial to have protective cases, screen protectors, and protection plans, the best way to protect an iPad, tablet, or eBook reader from damage, loss, or theft is to prevent these things from happening. Owners of these devices can accomplish this by taking good care of the device at all times. This includes keeping it in a safe place, out of the way of possible damage, and keeping an eye on it when out and about with the device. Keeping it away from liquids, as well only allowing responsible individuals to use or borrow the device, are also great ways to protect iPads, tablets, and eBook readers.

Shopping for Cases and Screen Protectors

There is a wide range of cases and screen protectors available through both local stores and online retailers. Before purchasing, owners should definitely check out the reviews of specific brands online to determine whether they provide enough protection and if they fit the device securely. Individuals who own other tablets as well as eBook readers may not be able to find compatible cases through local retailers because there are so many different shapes and sizes of tablets and eBook readers. Local vendors typically stock only cases and accessories for the most popular brands because of space limitations.

The good news is that there are plenty of cases and accessories available through online retailers, so tablet and eBook readers may want to jump online to shop rather than try to find cases and accessories at local stores. eBay is a great resource for all things technology, so prospective buyers should definitely check out the selection of cases, screen protectors, and other accessories on eBay before making a purchasing decision.

Primary Concern

Type of Case/Accessory

General protection

Protective case and screen protector

Shock/Shatter protection

Shock-absorbent case

Liquid protection

Waterproof case

Screen damage

Screen protector

Not all cases are designed to meet every protection need, so prospective buyers should take a moment to determine their primary concern before shopping for cases and screen protectors. Buyers should also read the reviews on several websites to know if they are buying a high-quality case that lasts and provides the protection they need.

Buying Cases and Screen Protectors on eBay

If you want to see the types of cases and screen protectors available on eBay, go to the site's home page and type a simple keyword or phrase into the search box. Since there are so many different brands of tablets and eBook readers, it is best to enter the name of the device into the search box as well. For example, search for iPad cases or covers to see the listings for available iPad covers, or Samsung tablet covers to find covers that fit Samsung tablets. You can use the various filters on the search results page to narrow down the search results by brand, product line, colour, price, and more.

Before making a purchasing decision, buyers should read through the listings carefully to confirm that the case or accessory they are looking at is compatible with their device. Buyers should also determine whether the product meets their requirements as far as protective qualities are concerned so that they know the product is capable of keeping their iPad, tablet, or eBook reader safe from damage. Prospective buyers should also review the seller's return policy to determine whether the case or accessory can be returned if the buyer is not happy with it.


Anyone who has ever invested a large sum of money into a device, such as an iPad, tablet, or eBook reader, only to have the device stolen or damaged within a very short time certainly understands the benefits of protecting their investment. Even those lucky enough to never have experienced this can easily see the benefits of investing in some form of protective gear for their devices.

The solution to the problem of how to protect iPads, tablets, and eBook readers is not a one-size-fits-all solution, because of the wide range of shapes, sizes, and specifications of these devices. The best way for individuals to protect their devices is to purchase quality protective cases, screen protectors, and other accessories to protect against damage and, as always, keep a close eye on their devices so they do not disappear. By following the guidelines above regarding protecting iPads, tablets, and eBook readers, prospective buyers can find the perfect cases and accessories on eBay..

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