How to Protect your Garden Birds from Attack by the Cat

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Stop your cat attacking the birds at the garden feeder. 

Cats use a silent approach during stalking to reach a position where they can pounce on their prey. Ensure that they make a LOUD approach and so alert birds to the danger. - Fit a bell or a Sonic Collar - preferably both

Jesse retains his traditional freedom to roam while the the birds at the feeder are continuously alerted to danger and can keep out of harm's way.

Is it not natural for cats to hunt?

Although cats make affectionate pets, many domestic cats hunt as effectively as wild predators. However, they differ from wild predators in four important ways: -

a. First, people protect cats from disease, predation and competition, factors that can control numbers of wild predators, such as foxes, bobcats, raptor birds or coyotes.

b. Second, they often have a dependable supply of food provided by humans and are, therefore, not influenced by changes in populations of prey. Whereas populations of native predators will decline when prey becomes

scarce, cats receiving food subsidies from people remain abundant and continue to hunt even rare species.

c. Third, unlike many native predators, cat densities are either poorly limited or not limited by territoriality. Cats hunt in other peoples gardens.

d. Fourth, unlike some predators, a cat's desire to hunt is not suppressed by adequate supplemental food. Even when fed regularly by people, a cat's motivation to hunt remains strong, so it continues hunting.

These four factors give the cat a great and un-natural advantage over their prey. As a result, Britain's domestic cats, alone, are said to kill at least 75 million birds annually and pet cats in the USA are estimated to kill more than 1.4 billion birds each year. In Australia, a recent report suggested that the country's up to 15 million feral and domestic cats were killing 96 million vertebrates per year including 186 native bird species.

You should interfere to even out the odds. - Fit your cat with a bell and sonic beeper

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