How to Purchase Repair Tools for Doors and Door Parts

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How to Purchase Repair Tools for Doors and Door Parts

Car doors require component replacement from time to time, and while some complicated repairs need a mechanic, others are not that difficult and can be done by the owner. Some buyers replace components to upgrade, while others need to replace parts that have broken. Each component of the car door may become damaged over time. The exterior may be dented over time, and may need to be reworked, re-fabricated, or painted. On the interior of the vehicle, car owners may need to have the panelling fixed or deep cleaned. The hardware of the door is extremely important and if something goes wrong, the door may not open and the window may not move. Damaged door components may also impact the safety of the passengers. These various repairs add up over time, and buyers may want to learn to conduct repairs on their own to cut down on costs.

When conducting repairs on the door, buyers should keep in mind the tools that may be necessary or the parts of the door that they may need. If repairing a vehicle that has electrical components, buyers should remove the battery of the car as a safety precaution. Tools and components are available for purchase in a variety of brick and mortar stores as well as online. eBay has a selection of necessary items available for a complete door replacement or for individual component repairs.

Door Parts

Buyers should be able to identify the different parts of the door and have basic knowledge of how to replace them. It is important to review the car's repair manual to ensure that all repairs are being done properly. Also, the person conducting the repairs should have at least the basic tools and replacement components on hand before any repairs begin. If necessary, consult with a mechanic.


The shell of the car door is the outer casing that holds the rest of the car door parts in place. The size of the shell depends on the style and size of the car. Shells are generally made out of aluminium, steel, plastic, or recycled materials. If the shell of the door needs to be replaced, it must be replaced with a shell designed for the make and model of that vehicle.

Door Panel

The door panel is on the interior of the car, and keeps the various components of the car in place. To replace most parts of the car door, users must first remove the door panel. Most panels snap into the frame of the door, while some are fixed with screws and bolts. Panels that snap into the frame can be removed using a flathead screwdriver. If the panel has screws or bolts, the user may need an appropriate screwdriver or a socket wrench to remove them. Before removing the door panel, the user should roll the car window all the way down.

If the door panel has a manual window crank, an L pick can be used to loosen the crank from the door panel. The L clip releases the metal clip that holds the crank in place. Buyers should be sure to remove any window regulators and door handles before trying to pull off the door panel. They should then gently pry the door panel upward and outward to safely remove it from the doorframe. The door panel is replaced by reversing the above steps. In addition to the flat head screwdriver and the L pick, users should have a flashlight on hand when removing door panel components.

Door Window

Car door windows are available with different levels of tinting. Some windows have clear glass, while others have darker tints. When replacing a car window, buyers should tint both sides of the car the same shade.

Windows open with either a window regulator or a manual window crank. The following sections explore each of these mechanisms and their removal in some depth.

Manual Window Cranks

A manual window crank has a turning mechanism on the interior of the door. The crank is used to manually roll the door window up and down. The window crank can be removed by inserting an L pick between the door panel and the window crank. Once the pick is correctly positioned, buyers should rotate the crank slightly so that the tool can catch on the clip inside. It may take a few tries before the tool catches the clip but, the crank pops out easily once the tool has released the inner clip.

Window Regulators

A window regulator is an electronic mechanical device that controls the window. The regulator, like the window crank, is found on the inside of the car. If the window regulator needs to be replaced, it must be dislodged from the panel, and its electrical components must be unplugged. The regulator should be replaced with one designed for that make and model of car.

Door Lock Cylinder

The door lock cylinder has components both inside and outside the car. The cylinder is where the key is inserted to lock and unlock the door from the outside. Lock cylinders are usually covered with an alloy metal for protection. Some doors have a keypad that electronically locks and unlocks the car or opens the boot, without needing a key. Replacing a keypad is more difficult than replacing a door lock cylinder because of the electronic security system involved. Door lock cylinders are much more common than keypads, however.

To replace car door locks, buyers should first remove the interior door panel. Car door panels are usually snapped into the frame of the car door with plastic clips, but not all. Buyers should check the way the panel is attached, and make sure they have all necessary tools. Buyers should take care not to damage any of the plastic clips while removing the panel. The plastic clips must usually be popped out with pliers. Then the metal rod needs to be detached from the cylinder. Two bolts usually hold the door handle in place, and these need to be removed. After that, the door handle assembly can be removed. Once these steps are complete, the new lock can be inserted in place of the old lock. Finally, the door handle assembly can be replaced, along with the metal rod and the interior door panel. Aside from a new door lock cylinder, buyers will need pliers and a screwdriver.

Door Hinge

The door hinge of the car holds the door securely against the frame of the car. The hinges also enable the door to open and close. If a hinge is broken or faulty, the car becomes unsafe. The door hinge, although small, is strong and sturdy, and is normally made of steel.

Most hinges come with three or four bolts, and each door is mounted on two hinges. The door hinges are difficult to remove, so the reader may need a helper for this step. It is much easier if one person holds the door up while the other loosens the bolts. Then the door can be lifted up and off, and the hinges or the door replaced.

Car Door Handles

Each door features both exterior and interior door handles.. Door handles are typically made of either plastic or metal, and are attached to a long metal rod that runs through the interior of the doorframe. When the door handle is pulled, it releases the door latch so that drivers and passengers can enter or exit the vehicle. New cars have power lock feature that allows all doors to be locked from one side of the car. In order to remove the door handle, the interior panel needs to be removed first. The procedure is similar to replacing the door lock cylinder, and the


The many components of a car door can seem complex, at first, but most of them are not difficult to replace. Each component must be removed in a slightly different fashion, and most require specific steps. Some of the different car door components that buyers may need to replace include the shell of the door, the interior door panel, a glass window, window regulators, a door lock cylinder, door handles, and hinges. These components may be designed specifically for the make and model of the vehicle, so buyers should check to make sure that the items purchased are compatible with the car.

Extra care should be taken when replacing any components of a car door, as it is sometimes dangerous, especially when removing the entire shell or the hinges. Before purchasing any tools or components, make sure that they have all the proper specifications. Buyers should take care and even consult with a mechanic before purchasing or starting to repair or replace the door. eBay has a large selection of car door components and car door tools available for purchase.

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