How to Purchase Tickets for The Secret Garden Party

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How to Purchase Tickets for The Secret Garden Party

The Secret Garden Party is a large creative festival that is held at Mill Hill Field in the Huntingdon region of Cambridgeshire. The festival itself only lasts for four days but during that time it draws hundreds of thousands of spectators. Some stay for only a single day, while others camp out and spend the entire long weekend at the festival. Both parents and children are welcome since the festival has activities for both groups, allowing everyone to have a fun time.

Tickets for the festival start going on sale in tiers only a few months before the party actually begins, and they sell out quickly. As each tier sells out, the price of the tickets increases so families would do well to purchase theirs as soon as possible. These tickets can be bought either directly from the vendors or through eBay's ticketing site. When purchasing Secret Garden Party tickets, buyers need to make sure they buy the proper number and type based on activities that they plan on partaking in.

Secret Garden Party Events

The Secret Garden Party lasts for four days, and includes events that are spread out throughout the day and night. A continual lineup of musicians play on the main stage as well as on a series of smaller stages that are scattered throughout the festival grounds. When a guest buys a ticket, what he or she is purchasing is actually a pass that is good for all four days of the festival. Guests can either choose to stay at the festival overnight by camping, or simply go home and return the next day.

Festival Layout

One of the things that make the Secret Garden Party so different from other music festivals is its location. The festival takes place on the expansive grounds of a Georgian farmhouse. A lake, river, and landscaped gardens all make an ideal place to hold a large festival that celebrates creativity and individuality. Because it is such a lovely venue, the organisers of the event take keeping the grounds clean very seriously. All visitors are expected to pick up after themselves and throw items into the trash bins provided around the area.

The lake is a central part of the festival. It divides the activities in two and serves as a hangout spot during the day. During the Secret Garden Party, the lake is full of party goers relaxing in tubes and floats. The main stage is located on one side of the lake. Smaller stages and activities that cater to young children are on the other side. This unique layout helps keep one side of the festival child-friendly, easing parent's fears about bringing their children to a music festival.


The Secret Garden Party attracts bands from all over the world. It presents an eclectic musical mix, offering rock bands, alongside folk and reggae bands. Because the show schedules are staggered throughout the festival, party goers hear many different types of music throughout the day. The vast itinerary also allows for party goers to take a few hours to watch their favourite band and then spend the rest of the day wandering through the gardens, or taking part in other enjoyable activities.


Every year the Secret Garden Party picks a theme that follows the events and activities inside the festival. Unlike other music festivals that focus solely on music, this one focuses more on creating a party atmosphere by getting partiers to participate in doing more than just listening to music. Creative workshops are held over the four-day weekend and in the past have included everything from learning how to build a treehouse to row boat races. Parades and artistic workshops are also popular activities that are held every year.

Tickets for these specific activities cannot be purchased ahead of time. Once a guest arrives at the festival, he or she can take the time to learn which activities are going to be offered on a certain day and time. The guest then signs up for the activity and limited workshops while at the festival. An extra fee may be involved depending on the type of activity being offered.

Secret Garden Party Tickets

There are several different types of tickets offered for the Secret Garden Party. Festival goers need to understand the different ticket types and purchase any additional tickets as necessary beforehand. Since these tickets tend to sell out in advance, do not wait a few days before the festival to suddenly decide that camping tickets are needed. Plan ahead for the best experience at the festival.

Weekend Pass Tickets

The weekend pass ticket is good for all four days of the festival. The price seems high until one considers that this single ticket lasts for all four days. Overall, the pass is reasonably priced as opposed to some other music festivals. There is no set seating at the Secret Garden Party. When a guest wants to see a band perform, he or she must go stand in front of the stage with the rest of the crowd. Keep this bit of information in mind if an elderly guests wants to attend the festival, as there may be times when the guest has to stand for prolonged periods of time. The pass is also good for all four days. It works the same way whether the guest arrives as the festival and does not leave until the four days are over, or if the guest goes home every night. Some festival goers only attend for a day or two while others hang out the whole weekend.


The weekend pass tickets are sold in tiered stages. The first tier offers the biggest discount and is only available until all tickets in that specific tier are sold out. Then the tickets are released in the second tier at a more expensive price. Try to purchase tickets early in order to save the most money.

Teen Tickets

Teen tickets are available for anyone between 13 to 17 years of age at a discounted price. They must be purchased along with an adult ticket, since the organisers do not want unaccompanied minors running about at the festival. These tickets are the same price no matter when they are sold, unlike the tiered adult weekend pass tickets. Anyone under 13 years of age is able to attend the event for free.

Family Camping Pass

The family camping pass allows for the entire family to camp out at the family campsite for one simple price. In order to qualify for this particular type of ticket, one guest in the party must be at least 16 years of age or younger. Keep in mind that while the parking lot and the campsite are not incredibly far from one another, they are not entirely close either. Make sure to bring along all camping supplies for the festival before departing.

Campervan Pass

There is a separate camping section of the festival grounds reserved for campervans alone. This is an ideal solution for those who own a campervan and want to stay overnight at the festival, but do not relish the idea of sleeping on the ground. Keep in mind that the campervan space is very limited, and these tickets tend to sell out very quickly. Also, keep in mind that the rules stipulate that a tent can only be pitched behind the campervan.

How to Buy Secret Garden Party Tickets on eBay

The easiest way to buy Secret Garden Party tickets online is to go through eBay. Here, you can buy your weekend passes and family camping tickets, along with other items like dog tickets all in the same place. Furthermore, since the tickets are being offered through eBay, you can be sure that you are getting the best deal possible on the price.

Start off by typing 'tickets' into the search engine. You can then narrow down your search even further by typing in 'Secret Garden Party tickets' into the search engine. This type of search pulls up the tickets for the upcoming festival. Keep in mind that the festival is held in the summer, and tickets usually do not start going on sale until late winter or early spring. Make sure to purchase the correct amount of tickets based on the planned number of guests. Only one family camping pass, however, is needed for the entire family unless more than 3 adults are going to be attending the party. Younger guests must bring their ID with them to the festival in order for the gatekeepers to let them onto the grounds.


The Secret Garden Party is a large music field held in the middle of a lovely private garden during the summer. The festival attracts an eclectic mix of musicians every year to its pristine grounds, but this party is much more than just another music festival. Organisers truly try to create a family party atmosphere by having separate stages, events, and activities that are child and teen friendly. Camping is also allowed on the party grounds and there are even a limited number of spaces for campervans.

When it comes to buying Secret Garden Party tickets, timing is everything. The tickets released first are less expensive, so make every effort to purchase tickets as soon as they become available. Also, purchase any additional tickets such as camping passes at the same time in order to ensure that there is still space at the campsite. Follow all of these tips to fully enjoy the wonder that is the Secret Garden Party.

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