How to Purchase an At-Home Fitness Kit

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How to Purchase an At-Home Fitness Kit

An at-home fitness kit is a perfect way to get all the positives of a gym without paying extortionate gym prices. Designs and equipment can vary greatly from kit to kit and knowing how and what to buy is very important, as different kits are tailored to different markets, such as male or female and weight lifters or endurance runners.

They are generally considered a luxury due to the fact they are priced so high, but eBay provides the online market a place to purchase an at-home fitness kit at a more affordable price.

This guide will fully outline everything that a buyer will need to know when buying an at-home fitness kit and will give clear instructions on how to buy one on the website eBay.

Types of At-Home Fitness Kit

There are many types of at-home fitness kits that contain a large array of general fitness pieces, and there are also some that contain more specific and focused equipment. With the wide variety available, buyers have a choice ahead of them to choose the right home fitness kit for them.

Each fitness kit is dedicated to a different area of fitness, so users can concentrate and develop the key elements suited to them. Whether it be reducing body fat or improving overall muscle tone, there is a fitness kit in the market for everyone. Types of fitness kits include:


Cardiovascular at-home fitness kits are often the most expensive due to the fact they are bulky and often require electricity to fully work. Equipment that is used in cardiovascular fitness kits can include cross trainers, bikes, treadmills and various other types of exercise machines.

Since they are such a vital part of exercise they are often bought as a stand-alone item and then mixed with other fitness kits. Positives of a cardiovascular home fitness kit are that users can get the full benefits of a run or jog at the gym or outdoors from the comfort of their own home.

Plus, users can fully decide the speed and steepness that they run, something which they cannot necessarily determine when outside of the home. Even though they can come at a high cost, an added bonus of cardiovascular equipment is that if used enough they will be a more reasonable solution then spending high amounts on a gym membership.

Weight Training

Weight training home fitness kits are perhaps the most varied choice of fitness kits available, as there are a wide range of weights that focus on different core muscle. Various types include, free weights such as dumbbells, kettlebells, benches, pull up bars and full weight machines, and each piece of equipment will focus on specific area. Weight training home fitness kits let the user exercise at their own pace without being embarrassed or pressured. However, one negative is that some weights, especially the bulky in all in one machines, are quite expensive and require a lot of room.


Yoga has become a very popular fitness method due to the fact it can be performed in most environments, and with ease, as there is little that the exerciser needs to use. However, to achieve more from the exercise, a yoga fitness kit can be purchased, which will helps users attain better flexibility and strength.

Pieces such as mats, balance balls and wedges all come together in a yoga fitness kit, and as they are not complex they are a much more affordable choice of fitness kit. Sometimes yoga fitness kits can also come complete with a DVD video tutorial for instructions on how to use the equipment to its full potential. DVDs such as this can also be purchased solely from eBay at a stand-alone price.


Focusing on core strength and raising activity levels, Pilates is an exercise that requires very special equipment that can sometimes come at a high cost. Pilates home fitness kits include the use of spring mechanisms and are generally more complex. The benefits of Pilates include gaining advanced flexibility, increased muscle tone and an overall more efficient respiratory system.


Zumba has become a hugely popular fitness regime due to the exciting way that users can exercise and lose weight to the beat of popular music. An at-home zumba home fitness kit will let users avoid the costs of a weekly class session, and let them exercise in the comfort of their own home at the cost of just one small payment. A zumba fitness kit will come complete will toning weights and a set of DVDs that will guide a user through how to work out, to the tune of several dance hits.

What to Consider


At-home fitness kits come in a wide selection of sizes with different pieces of equipment taking up varied amounts of room. Depending on how much room a user will want to dedicate to their at-home fitness kit, they can take up anything from a small corner, to the complete room itself. Cardiovascular and weight training fitness kits require much larger spaces than yoga and other smaller fitness kits, and they will take up much focus of a room. The positives of a smaller at-home fitness kit is that they are fully portable and for people who move around a lot, and they can also be used at any place and at any time.


When choosing an at-home fitness kit, a variable that may be a deciding factor is the price. As discussed above, machine based fitness kits such as cardiovascular and weight training kits may come at a very steep price, especially when they are brand new. eBay may offer a more affordable choice, so buyers are more likely to get hold of a bargain, rather than if bought new from a shop. Smaller fitness kits that are lighter and do not require electricity will more often come at a smaller price and may be a better choice when not looking to spend over the odds. 


The make or model of an at-home fitness kit is also something that may need consideration as although more expensive, a famous brand name may be longer lasting and provide an excess of better features. This may not be the case for more simplistic products such as an exercise ball, as they may perform just as well when designed by a less well-known brand.


Buying an at-home fitness kit may depend highly on how much usage a person, or persons will get out of it. If more than one person is going to frequently use the at-home fitness kit it may be advised to purchase a long-lasting piece of equipment that may be more expensive, but will get a higher volume of usage. Another person may be helpful in workouts too, as they can be used as a helper or spotter; these can be especially helpful for weight training fitness kits.

How to Buy an At-Home Fitness Kit on eBay

An at-home fitness kit can be bought as a complete set, but due to their usual heavy cost, home fitness kits are bought by many at a slow pace, with the items being added over the course of a few weeks or months. Fortunately, with eBay’s wide selection of gym items at affordable prices, this can be easily attained.

To buy an at-home fitness kit from eBay users can:

  • Begin a search by clicking on the ‘See All Categories’ Tab
  • Buyers should then choose the exercise and fitness subheading under the ‘Sporting Goods’ heading.
  • Type the required item into the internal search engine or choose from the links on the left hand side.
  • If just browsing then it may be best to take a look at many items and options to get a wholesome view.
  • The more information that the buyer knows, the more they can dwindle down their choices to get their desired products.
  • Before purchase buyers should observe the seller and thoroughly read the description of their product, as well as their history and positive and negative ratings.
  • Buyers should check if there is a warranty or money back guarantee, as some products come at a high price, and a buyer should also know if they can receive money back if the item is not up to their standards or is faulty.
  • Finally buyers should double check all terms and conditions


If you are new to buying an at-home fitness kit then it may be advised to purchase one that will focus on all different aspects of exercise such as weights, cardio and flexibility, as this will give the most rounded and wholesome exercise experience. As well as keeping fit, an at-home fitness kit will give the user greater motivation and happier image if it used correctly. Remember that no fitness kit is complete without an activity tracker, like the Jawbone or Fitbit, to monitor your fitness progress.

eBay is a fantastic place to search for at-home fitness kits, as the website offers a wide selection of different kits, both new and used, at varying prices. Some of these kits will not be as easy to find outside of eBay due to their specialist field, but eBay’s wide selection means there is a fitness kit for every diverse body type.

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