How to Refit a TV Wall Mount

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How to Refit a TV Wall Mount

There are various reasons why it can be necessary to refit a TV wall mount. The fixings of a poorly fitted mount can sometimes start to move in the wall, or the device might possibly need removal to allow the wall to be redecorated. Whatever the reason for the refit, it is important that it is carried out with the same methodical care as a fresh installation. A badly refitted TV wall mount can pose a significant risk to those using it. Therefore, should there be any doubt about the competence of the person attempting the task, it is wise to instruct a professional to do the work instead.

Locating a Copy of the TV Wall Mount Instructions

Those who are extremely well organised and keep all their instruction booklets will be at an immediate advantage. A copy of the installation instructions that came with the original TV wall mount can be an invaluable asset. If these have been mislaid, it can be worth searching online to see whether it is possible to download another copy.

Removing the Television from the Wall

Most TV wall mounts are actually formed from two main components. The first is a bracket, which is the part which is attached to the wall. The second is the TV mounting, which is bolted to the rear of the television. Once the two components have been fixed in place, the television is hung by slotting them together and locking them into place. For a television that fits tight against the wall, a copy of the instructions may be required to establish the method by which these two components can be unlocked to allow their separation. The first task when refitting a TV wall mount is to remove the television from the wall. This should never be attempted without at least one assistant, as the television can be surprisingly heavy when its full weight is suddenly released from the wall mount. It is not usually possible for one person to safely take the weight of the television while at the same time separating the components of the mounting system. Where a TV wall mount has failed and become partially or wholly detached there is likely to be significant damage to the surface of the wall. This must be made good prior to refitting the television. Never attempt to refit a TV wall mount using mounting holes which show even the slightest sign that movement has occurred. Instead, fresh holes should be drilled into a suitably load bearing surface, preferably at least 6 inches from the original mounting points. Before the television is removed from the wall, it is a good idea to prepare a location where it can be temporarily placed for safekeeping; a table with a folded blanket is usually ideal. Once the mechanism by which the TV mount is separated is fully understood, the removal of the screen can begin. Have an assistant prepare to take the weight of the screen. Consider using two assistants, one at each end, for larger screens. Unlock the two halves of the TV wall mount and ask the assistant(s) to move the television in the direction necessary to separate the two components supporting it. Move the screen to the safe location prepared earlier, taking great care not to accidently trip. Ensure the delicate surface of the screen does not come into contact with its surroundings. Check that the screen is out of reach of any children and pets.

Removing the TV Mount Wall Component

Consider placing a dust sheet on the floor underneath the work area, to catch any plaster which may come away as the TV wall mount is removed. If the mount has been attached to a solid wall, the fixings will likely need a suitably sized socket or wrench to facilitate their removal. TV mounts which have been attached to a partition wall will normally require a cross head screwdriver to unfasten them. Where the TV wall mount is being relocated, it is always a good idea to use a fresh set of wall fixings. If the intention is to refit the TV mount to a solid wall using the original anchor points, these should be carefully inspected upon removal. The fixings should be replaced if there is any evidence of movement or damage. Should the original fixings not appear suitable for their intended load, advice should be sought from a hardware supplier to ensure that any replacements are correctly rated. Solid wall anchors can be difficult to remove without causing significant damage to the surrounding decoration. Where removal is required, use a pair of mole grips to gently lever the fixing until play can be felt. Replace the nut on the end of the wall anchor and use a pry bar, supported on a piece of plywood, to gently lever the fixing out of the wall. Once the TV wall mount and any associated fixings have been removed, the task of reinstalling the TV mount can now be assessed. Where the TV mount is being relocated, the empty fixing holes will need to be plugged using a suitable filler and the wall repainted.

Examination of the TV Wall Mount

Check the TV wall mount thoroughly for any signs of stress or damage. Examine pivots for signs of excessive play. If any component of the TV mount exhibits has become bent, twisted, or cracked, the entire device should be replaced. If the TV wall mount passes the above inspection, then it can be reused. While the mount is partially disassembled, it is a good time to lubricate the pivots as detailed in the instruction manual. It can also be a good time to touch up any scratched or flaking paint on more visible mounting systems.

Find a New TV Wall Mount on eBay

Should there be any cause for concern over the condition of a TV wall mount, consider replacing the device with a new one. Every possible kind of TV wall mount is available for purchase on eBay, from simple fixing brackets to remotely controlled motorised devices. A good place to research the products currently available is eBay's product reviews and buying guides section. Once a suitable replacement device has been identified, the item can be searched for by entering any relevant information into the search facility on every eBay page. For example, if the intended replacement TV wall mount is a motorised device for a 32 inch screen, simply enter "TV mount 32 motorised" into the search facility. It is also possible to browse the full TV wall mount inventory on eBay. Clicking on the All Categories menu will reveal the Sound & Vision option. This allows access to the TV & Home Audio Accessories section where all the TV Wall Mounts & Brackets reside. An option on the left allows preference to be given to Mounts rather than brackets. The options on the left allow all the desirable attributes of the intended purchase to be specified. As these can be combined, this facility can be used to ensure that only the most relevant TV wall mounts are displayed. For example, they can be used to show only the Samsung Tilt & Swivel Mounts with Free P&P.


Removing, inspecting, and refitting a TV wall mount is a fairly simple task for a competent fitter. As long as the correct tools are used and the correct assistance is sought, the job should be within the scope of most people. Fixings removed from the wall should be replaced as a matter of course. Where the fixings remain in the wall, they should be carefully inspected for damage and movement. The TV wall mount itself should be carefully inspected for damage before committing to reusing it. Where there is any question mark over the condition of the mount, it should be replaced with a new device. A replacement TV mount can easily be researched and purchased using eBay's website.

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