How to Remove A Lace Wig

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These are the first steps that need to be taken when removing a Full Lace Front and Lace Front wig. Start out by putting the hair into a high ponytail. The will keep the hair from getting in the way of the removal process.

Take the  remover and spray or dab along the edge of the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front. Gently massage hairline until glue is moistened.

It is very important to allow the adhesive remover to completely saturate and the lace to release prior to trying to remove the unit. This will preserve the lace on your unit and your hairline. PLEASE take your time while doing this.
Spray your adhesive remover on top of the glue and lace.

Wait for the unit to completely release. You may also use a Q-Tip to apply the remover/solvent between the lace and your skin. *IMPORTANT* You want the glue to remain on your skin, not the lace.

Begin slowly and gently lifting the Full Lace Front wig or Lace Front wig with fingers. If there is an area on the Lace Front wig and Full Lace Front wig that is not lifting, it means you will need to apply a little more solvent. Repeat these steps all the way around the circumference of the Full Lace Front wig or Lace Front wig until completely removed.

Use adhesive remover/solvent to clean the adhesive from your skin.
Wash lace wig to clean and remove any glue residue that might be on the lace and in the hair of the wig.
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