How to Remove Chewing Gum from Children's Hair

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Children and chewing gum just don’t mix. They sometimes don’t know how to throw the chewed gum properly. To make it even worse, they often times like to experiment chewing gum in so many ways. Sticking the chewing gum on their hair is one way children want to get the experience. This is when the problem starts. Listed below are two ways to remove the gum from hair.

Freezing Technique

Prepare some ice cubes and place the cubes in a thin cloth, seal the cloth.

Hold the area of the chewing gum away from your child’s scalp.

Press the ice cubes in the cloth on to the specific area where the gum is for about 10 to 20 minutes. The chewing gum will freeze and harden.

When the gum freezes, try cracking the gum into smaller pieces. Just squeeze the frozen gum with your fingers and you should be able to crack the hardened gum.

Break them into small pieces and gently pull the gum from the hair.

Grease and Oil Technique

Prepare some oil in a bowl. You can use hair oil, cooking oil or olive oil.

Apply the oil bit by bit directly to the gum wad.

Rub around the area until the hair can be separated from it without any pain at all.

Apply more oil and rub the area until all gum are separated from the hair.

When the gum is separated completely, wash your child’s hair with soap and shampoo to remove the stickiness of the oil on the hair.


You can also use peanut butter to get gum out of hair. Just spread the peanut butter over the gum and gently pull until all of the gum is out - the peanut butter should come out with normal shampoo.


 For technique 1, you might want to use a rubber glove to avoid your hands getting cold. For technique 2, you can also use a comb to pull the gum away when all the hair has been greased with the oil. But you need to do this gently or you might hurt your child.


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