How to Repair Cracked Leather

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How to Repair Cracked Leather How to Repair Cracked Leather

Leather furniture adds a warm, luxurious feel to a home. After a few years of heavy use, however, leather may begin to crack and have the opposite effect on a home's decor. Unfortunately, leather repair by professionals is quite expensive. However, homeowners can purchase all the supplies they need to repair cracked leather at home, without spending a fortune. Consumers should become familiar with the leather repair process to learn how to repair leather at home and determine if they have all the supplies they need.

Using Leather Recolouring Balm

Leather recolouring balm is a good solution for very fine cracks that are not very noticeable. The balm is cheap and very easy to use with just a wipe-on and buff-out application. The balm does not actually repair the cracks, though. It simply restores colour to worn areas.

Preparing the Leather

When fully repairing cracked leather, the first step of the process is removing any silicones, waxes, or oils that may be present. To do so, consumers should begin by making a cleaning solution with warm water and a few drops of dish soap and using it to wipe down the leather. Next, a leather preparation solution applied with a cloth removes the manufacturer's finish and any other silicones that are present. Finally, wiping the leather with an alcohol cleaning solution removes any remaining waxes or polishes that are not soluble. The leather should dry for half an hour before the consumer proceeds.

Using Leather Binder

After the leather is prepared, consumers should apply leather binder to strengthen the leather and prevent future cracks from forming. Leather binder absorbs into the leather, binding the worn leather fibres. Users must apply the binder with a sponge;; three to five coats may be necessary to achieve optimal results. Each coat of leather binder must dry thoroughly before consumers apply the next coat. Consumers should remember to wipe any excess binder from the seams of the leather before it dries. While leather appears much improved after this step, the restoration process is not yet complete.

Filling Cracks

For severely cracked leather, users must fill the cracks with a leather filler. There are several brands of leather filler available. Users can apply filler using a small spatula or pallet knife to fill the cracks. It is important that the user apply the filler evenly and scrape away any excess. The filler must dry for at least 30 minutes. After the filler is completely dry, consumers should use fine-grit sandpaper (1200 grit is ideal) to even the surface for a smooth finish. Users can reapply binder on top of the filler for extra protection and a smoother look if they desire.

Applying Colourant

The next step of the process involves applying a leather colourant.. Consumers should choose a colourant that closely matches the colour of the leather. They must shake the bottle for a few minutes to make sure it is well mixed. Afterwards, users should pour a small amount of colourant onto a sponge and apply it evenly over the surface of the leather. They should make an effort to work the colourant into any cracks, crevices, and seams. Applying pressure gently allows the colourant to work its way into the grain of the leather for best colour absorption. After applying the initial coat of colourant directly to the leather, applying a second coat of spray-on leather colourant gives the leather an even more polished finish. When spraying on colourant, users should apply thin coats evenly to avoid drips or runs from forming. The colourant can either dry naturally, or consumers can use a hair dryer to dry it faster.

Finishing Up

Leather finish is vital to keeping a piece of leather furniture in pristine condition and maintaining restoration work. For best results, users should spray on two layers of leather sealant followed by two layers of leather finish. Again, applying thin coats is essential to avoid drips that are visible after the finish dries. The leather finish restores a soft feel to rough leather, completing the repair process.

How to Buy Leather Repair Products on eBay

Buying leather repair products on eBay saves consumers time and money. There are plenty of products to choose from, from leather colourants and binders to balms and finishes. Consumers can begin shopping by typing the name of the product they want to purchase into the eBay search bar. Dozens of results instantly appear for shoppers to browse through. When choosing a product, consumers can ensure quality customer service by purchasing from a seller with a good feedback score or an "eBay Premium Service" badge. Whatever leather repair product consumers are looking for, they can find it on eBay.

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