How to Repair Eyeglasses

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How to Repair Eyeglasses

Anyone who wears eyeglasses knows that these fragile objects go through a lot. Chances are, at some point you have dropped your glasses, sat on them, or left them bouncing around in the bottom of a bag. When eyeglasses are damaged, you can pay a lot of money to take them to an optician, or you can try to repair them yourself. With a few basic supplies, available at most drugstores or online at eBay,, you can save money and prolong the life of your eyeglasses. Try these simple fixes at home before sending your eyeglasses in for costly repairs.

How to Repair Eyeglass Hinges

Eyeglass hinge repair may be as simple as tightening a screw. If you are experiencing problems with your eyeglass hinges, first identify the issue. The most common issues include a loose screw or a missing screw. If this is the case, purchase a basic eyeglass repair kit that comes with a replacement screw, and an eyeglass screwdriver.. Use the screwdriver to replace the screw or tighten the existing screw. It is a good idea to perform this basic task regularly to catch screws before they become so loose they fall out.

If the hinge snaps off entirely or is rusty, you need to replace it. This is more complicated; you should consider leaving this to an optician. If you do want to attempt it yourself, you need a soldering iron. The process involves removing the broken hinge and soldering on a new one taken from another pair of old glasses. Only attempt this if you have soldering experience; otherwise, you risk melting your glasses or burning yourself.

How to Repair Eyeglass Frames

If your eyeglass frames are bent, they should be easy to fix. You can use pliers to gently bend metal frames back into shape. Work slowly and carefully to avoid breaking the frame. If plastic frames are bent, you need to first heat them up to be able to bend them back into shape. Hold the frames over a pot of simmering water until they are warm and pliable. Work quickly and carefully, using your hands to bend them back into shape.

Broken eyeglass frames are also often repairable. As long as the break is clean and no bits of plastic or metal are missing, you can use superglue to put the pieces back together. Always apply glue to a clean surface, and follow the directions on the bottle for drying times.

How to Repair Eyeglass Lenses

Severely scratched or cracked lenses are not repairable. You need to take severely damaged lenses to an optician for replacement. Attempting to fix deep scratches yourself can compromise the corrective effect of the lenses.

Whether lenses are plastic or glass, small scratches are usually repairable. If the scratches are only affecting the anti-glare coating of the lens, you can use a solution such as Armour Etch.. These solutions remove any coatings, such as UV or anti-glare, from the lenses, thus removing any scratches in these coatings. If the scratch goes deeper than the lens coatings, you can try a lens polishing solution.. These are abrasive, so use them with care. Always follow the directions on the bottle.

How to Repair Eyeglass Nose Pieces

Nose pieces often fall off or break. They also get dirty over time and may need replacing. Replacement nose pads for eyeglasses are available for purchase. Many eyeglass repair kits also contain these. Make sure you purchase new nose pads that have the same type of connector as the old nose pads. Most pads simply screw on to the frames. Next, use an eyeglass screwdriver to remove the old pads and attach the new. Eyeglass nose pads are available in a variety of materials; choose the one that is most comfortable for you. Nose pads are one of the most important components when it comes to comfort, so make sure you attach them correctly and choose comfortable options, such as silicone.

How to Buy Eyeglasses on eBay

Eyeglasses and eyeglass repair kits are available on eBay. To browse all available options, use the search bar on any eBay page and enter "eyeglasses". You can also be more specific, such as "vintage eyeglasses" or " Calvin Klein eyeglasses". Search "eyeglass repair kit" or "spectacle repair kit" to find repair supplies. You can narrow your results by price, or specify whether you are looking for new or used devices. Do not forget to factor shipping costs into the overall price. Shopping for eyeglasses on eBay can save you money, and knowing how to repair them yourself can help you save even more.

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