How to Repair Hair After Extensions

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How to Repair Hair After Extensions

Hair extensions help to add length and volume to the appearance of the hair. Many people choose to have hair extensions added to enhance their appearance or to try out new styles. However, while hair extensions, when properly applied, can look fabulous, they do place a tremendous amount of strain on the natural hair. Upon removal, hair extensions leave the natural hair tired, damaged, and stressed. The damaged hair appears dry, and lacklustre, with split ends and weak roots. To combat this, consumers should apply proper care to the hair and extensions while they are in place to limit damage, and perform a number of steps after removal to help the hair recover.

Prevent Damage with Professional Products and Care

Minimising the damage caused by hair extensions begins well before the first strands are added to the natural hair. When choosing extensions, it is important to research before having the hair applied. Be sure to choose a stylist that is well versed in the process. Extensions that are properly applied result in less overall damage to the hair. Some damage is unavoidable, but a professional uses methods that limit this issue. Understanding how to care for the extensions is also important. Proper care and styling methods help to keep the natural hair healthy while the extensions are in place.

Have Extensions Removed by a Trained Professional

Hair extensions should be removed professionally. Attempting to remove the extensions at home can result in severe breakage and hair loss. Different types of extensions must be removed with specific methods. Some extensions are applied to the natural hair with a bonding agent. This must be dissolved in order to remove the extension. Others are braided into the hair. With either of these methods, professional removal can help limit hair loss and breakage upon removal. Once the extensions are removed, this is a good time to have a hair stylist trim any dead or split ends.

Nourish the Hair

After removing the extensions, all grooming must be carefully performed. Use a wide toothed comb to gently comb through hair before washing. Gently remove any tangles. Once hair is tangle-free, work in a deep conditioning treatment. Apply a generous amount of a favourite conditioning treatment and work through with the comb. Wrap the head in a warmtowel, in plastic wrap, or cover with a shower cap. Leave the conditioner on the hair for an hour, or as directed on the packaging. Gently rinse the conditioner. Next, shampoo hair using a formula specially made for damaged hair. Do not use a harsh shampoo such as those for dandruff or clarifying formulas. Apply a normal conditioner and rinse with cool water to close the hair shaft. Blot hair dry with a towel. Do not rub hair vigorously with the towel. Comb out the hair again with the wide toothed comb and allow to air dry.

Gentle Hair Care

It is important to nourish and protect hair following extension removal. Shampoo only when needed. Try to wait at least a day in between washings. Be sure to use a gentle formula for damaged hair. Once a week, apply a deep conditioning treatment. Avoid damaging processes as much as possible. This means try to limit use of hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons. Allow hair to air dry and use products formulated for damaged hair. Do not apply chemical treatments to the hair. Avoid colouring, perms, and chemical straightening processes. It is best to allow hair to rest at least four weeks before applying color or chemical agents.

Styling Damaged Hair

Style hair using the least harsh methods possible. Hair should not be worn in a ponytail while nursing it back to health. The hair has been pulled by the extensions and it is important to avoid causing more damage to the roots. Try to wear hair down or pinned back in clips.Headbands and ribbons can be used to pull hair away from the face without causing more damage. Experiment with styling products formulated for damaged hair to create a stylish look without use of damaging hair tools. As with shampoo, choose products that are meant for use on damaged hair.

With weekly deep conditioning treatments, careful styling, and avoidance of damaging routines, hair likely improves in appearance in six to eight weeks. Schedule another trim at four and eight weeks to ensure healthy ends. Drinking water, eating well, and taking a multivitamin also helps to promote healthy hair growth. Most hair care experts advise waiting at least eight weeks before re-applying extensions.

How to Buy Hair Extensions and Hair Recovery Products on eBay

eBay sellers offer a vast range of hair extensions, including bonded, clip-on, and lace extensions. Also offered at competitive prices are all the products you need to properly care for your natural hair while you have the extensions in place, as well as the products necessary to help your hair recover after removal. The user-friendly website offers a simple purchasing process, including an accurate search feature that allows you to set defined search parameters, such as price, location, and condition. There is a feedback score for every user, allowing you to view seller feedback, giving you confidence in the quality of the product and the service you receive. Limit the damage caused by extensions by using high quality products while the extensions are in place. After removal, encourage your hair to recover with a range of hair care products and sensible tips such as drinking water and maintaining a healthy diet.

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