How to Repair Scratched Glass

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How to Repair Scratched Glass

Repairing scratched glass does not have to be an expensive endeavour. If the scratches or scuffs are only slight, consumers can choose from a number of simple methods to minimise or eliminate the appearance. Knowing when to attempt a repair is a crucial step, as trying to repair scratches that are too deep can cause further damage. Consider each method and decide which is the most appropriate and purchase all the supplies required. Be sure to take all sensible safety precautions and complete each step thoroughly before moving onto the next for the best results.

When to Repair Scratched Glass

Scratched glass is unsightly and marrs the appearance of the window pane or glass object. However, not all scratches are repairable. Only light scratches are easily repaired at home. Scratches deep enough to catch the edge of a fingernail, while still fairly minor, are not easy to repair at home and the results of attempting to repair scratches of this nature are generally not good. Deep scratches are not repairable at home. The appearance of deep scratches often worsens when trying at-home remedies. Therefore, these scratches should be professionally restored. Light scratches and scuff are reasonably simple to repair at home. One can often make the scratch disappear or greatly reduce its visibility.

At-Home Glass Repair Options

For repairing light scratches and scuffs at home, there are a number of effective, simple remedies to try that require no specialist skills or materials. Consider each method carefully and choose the preferred option.

Metal Polish

Take a soft cotton or microfibre cloth.. Wet it with glass cleaner or warm water and thoroughly clean the scratch and the immediate surrounding area. After cleaning, take a dry cotton or microfibre cloth and dry the area thoroughly. To work successfully, the glass has to be completely dry and free of dirt, dust, and debris. Take a fresh cloth and place a small amount of metal polish on it. Proceed to rub the metal polish over the scratched area. Consumers should not apply an excessive amount of polish as this can result in new scratches or scuffs. For very light scratches and imperfections, this technique should make the damaged area invisible. For slightly more significant areas of damage this technique improves and reduces the appearance of the scratches.

Clear Nail Polish

To successfully repair scratches on glass with clear nail varnish,, the window must be clean and dry. Window cleaner is a quick and easy way to ensure windows are clean from dust and dirt. Another option is to use newspaper and vinegar. Thoroughly dry the area with a soft cloth that does not further scratch the surface. The area must be free of dust or any other particles for the best results. Using a fine brush, such as the one supplied with the clear nail polish,, lightly brush the clear nail polish over the scratch. If necessary, apply multiple coats to fill the scratch, allowing the polish to dry in between coats. Carefully lace acetone or nail varnish remover on a cloth or a cotton bud and clean up the excess polish from around the edges of the scratch.

Homemade Scratch Remover

A simple homemade concoction that works well for slightly deeper scratches is ground mustard and white vinegar.. Place a tablespoon of ground mustard seed in a dish and add three drops of white vinegar. Mix into a thick paste, adding a few more drops of vinegar if required. Place the mixture onto the scratched area and leave it to dry. Once the paste is dry, take a soft cloth and buff it off. Be sure to buff in one direction only to avoid causing further damage to the glass.


The options for repairing glass scratches at home are simple and inexpensive. For the best results consumers should ensure they have everything at hand for their chosen method before they begin.


Items Required

Metal Polish

Metal polish

Kitchen paper

Window cleaner

Lint free cotton cloth

Clear Nail Polish

Window cleaner

Soft cloth

Clear nail polish

Homemade Scratch Remover

White vinegar

Ground mustard seed

Cotton cloth

Consumers should gather all their supplies for their chosen glass scratch removal method before they begin. Shoppers must ensure they only ever use soft cloths for their restorations to ensure they do not cause more damage.

Safety Precautions

When repairing glass scratches, ensure the scratch is a light scratch and not a crack. Cracks should never be repaired at home as consumers can cause considerable damage and cause the crack to spread. When attempting a scratch repair, only ever apply gentle pressure. Applying too much pressure can result in the glass smashing, risking potential significant injury and a costly repair bill. Be sure to only use soft cloths, such as microfibre, cotton, or fleece, to avoid making new scratches or worsening the appearance of the current one.

How to Buy Glass Scratch Removing Products

Scratch removing products are widely available on eBay, including ones from top-rated sellers who are renowned for their product quality, timely delivery, and great customer service. The user-friendly website is easy to use, even for novice online shoppers. A quick search from any eBay page for your required products delivers many results. Select the one you want and then search for the next. Once you have everything you need, complete your transaction with ease. You can repair light scratches and scuffs on glass with a few inexpensive items. Restore your glass products, from window panes to decorative items with a little know-how and some basic supplies to save yourself from a costly restoration bill.

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