How to Repair Small Dents in Your Car

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How to Repair Small Dents in Your Car

When a brand new car receives its first dent or ding, a rite of passage occurs, but not an enjoyable rite of passage. Not all dents and dings warrant a trip to the body shop and some handy people find they can save money and repair the dents on their own. The smaller the dent, this easier this is to accomplish. However, it takes the right materials and a little expertise to get the job done right. Car owners can find the materials they need to repair small dents in their cars locally at auto stores or on eBay, and, with a little knowledge, they can make the repairs themselves.

Materials Needed to Repair Small Dents

While there are several methods to repair dents, depending on their size, owners need some basic tools to get the job done.

Dent Repair Tool


Household plunger

Creates suction to pull out dents

Household drill

Drills holes in dents

Body filler

Fills holes

Dent pulling plunger

Pulls out dents

Metal hammer

Bangs out dents

Putty knife

To apply body filler


To smooth out body filler

Touch up paint

To adds colour to a repaired dent

Owners may need additional tools and materials to ensure a smooth dent repair.

How to Repair Small Dents

Several methods exist for removing car dents, and the method a person uses depends on the location of the dent, its size, and which repair method is most practical for the person doing the repairs.

Household Plunger Method

One method uses a simple household plunger to pull the dent out. Just like using the plunger for a stopped up toilet, place the device over the dent and push the plunger in as tightly as possible. Next, pull the plunger out quickly, and the dent should pull out with it. This method works best for small-to-medium dents with a circular shape.

Dent Pulling Plunger Method

Another method that works well on dents that are not as uniform involves drilling a small hole in the centre of the dent. Use a drill bit size recommended by the manufacturer and drill through the dent by drilling from the outside in. Next, utilise a dent-pulling plunger made especially for auto body repairs and insert it into the hole. Pull on the dent-pulling plunger using a firm grip until the dented area begins to pull as well. Once the dent is out, owners still need to repair the drill hole.

Fill in the Drill Hole

When owners use the drill method, they need to apply an auto body filler to the hole and smooth out the filler with a small putty knife. Use a piece of wet sandpaper to further smooth out the hole and match its texture to that of the car's frame before proceeding with painting the area to match the rest of the car.

Hammer Method

Owners can hammer the dent if they can see it from the inside of the panel. Gently bang on the dent with the hammer to push the dent out. Check the outside of the car's frame often to judge progress on hammering the dent out.

Touch Up the Paint

No matter which method owners use to repair small dents in their cars, they may need to use touch up paint to complete the repair. Be sure the dent is smooth and thoroughly clean and remove any chipped paint around the dent. Sand the area lightly, and then apply the paint, allow it to dry, and repeat as needed. The same type of paint comes in handy for fixing small scratches or cracks in the car's paint, which could leave the vehicle's frame vulnerable to rust.

How to Buy Car Dent Repair Products on eBay

When your car has small dents, you can turn to eBay for tools to repair the dent. Use the Search bar found on any eBay page and type in the names of items you need. You can specify brand and the colour of items like paint to narrow the search results. Look for trusted sellers with high eBay feedback ratings to shop with confidence every time.

Once all your repair items arrive at your door, you can get to work pulling or hammering the dent out of your car. Remember to save the tools and materials in case dents and dings occur again. For all your car repair needs, rely on the convenience of eBay's one-stop shopping experience.

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