How to Repair Trousers

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How to Repair Trousers

Many people have a favourite pair of trousers that they wear as often as possible, but eventually the trousers get torn or bust a seam and the first inclination is to throw them out. This is an avoidable situation with some simple repair techniques. There are several quick little fixes that individuals can employ to quickly repair a problem with their trousers. While nothing can salvage a completely worn out pair of trousers, patching holes, replacing buttons, or just finding ways to remove stubborn stains can make the difference between keeping those favourite trousers in the closet or tossing them in the bin.

Patching a Hole

Finding a hole in a pair of trousers is a common problem that is easily fixed. The first step is to turn the trouser inside out and press the edges of the hole together. Take a needle and thread, and stitch along the seam of the edges from one side to the other. If the tear is in an area that receives a good deal of wear, repeat the stitch a second time to reinforce the seam.

If the area around the tear is getting thin and it is difficult to prevent another area of the trouser near the hole from tearing, a patch is a good solution to the problem. After the tear is sewn together, simply place an iron-on patch over the area on the inside of the trouser and iron it in place. The patch is not visible from the outside and it serves to reinforce the area around the tear and prevent it from tearing in the future. Sewing a patch on the outside of some trousers helps to give them a unique appearance.

Replacing a Button

Losing a button is a common issue with some types of trousers. To repair this, find the button or a suitable replacement and a needle and thread. Knot the thread and push the needle through the fabric from the inside out at the exact spot where the original button was. Sew up and down through the buttonholes evenly or the shank of the button if appropriate. Make sure to leave the stitching a little loose to ensure the button has enough room to move. Finish the repair by wrapping the thread around the stitching between the button and trouser to strengthen it.

Replacing a Drawstring

Trousers that feature drawstrings are usually very comfortable and are often a favourite for lounging. If the drawstring breaks, it usually renders the trouser useless. This is easily fixable by taking a safety pin and pinning it to the end of a replacement drawstring. Push the safety pin through the hole on one side of the trouser and begin to walk the safety pin through to the other side by folding up the fabric and pressing it through. Once the safety pin is through the other side, cut the drawstring to the proper length and tie knots in each end large enough to prevent it from slipping back through the hole.

Repairing a Broken Zipper

A broken zipper is usually considered the death of a pair of trousers by many individuals, but this is actually a fairly simply repair. The first step is to remove the metal stopper at the bottom of the zipper with a pair of pliers. This allows the zipper to be pulled down to the very bottom in order to rearrange the teeth of the zipper evenly and eliminate the bunching that caused the zipper to pop in the first place. Once it is confirmed that the teeth are properly aligned and the zipper is once again operating properly, stitch the bottom of the zipper closed where the metal stopper was located and tie the knot off on the inside of the trouser. If the zipper comes apart again, the remove the stitch and repeat the process.

Repairing a Split Seam

Trouser seams often receive the most abuse and commonly split. This straightforward repair is nearly identical to sewing the edges of a hole together except much easier because the seam was already together. Simply locate the split, and re-stitch the seam with a needle and thread while holding the two sides together. Iron the seam out to make it even with the remainder of the trouser so that it does not stand out.

Removing Stubborn Stains

While there are plenty of commercial stain-removing products on the market, one of the simplest and most effective stain removers is common white vinegar. Applying white vinegar to nearly any troublesome stain such as grass, wine, coffee, mustard, or grease and then washing the trouser afterward removes that stain with little additional effort.

How to Buy Trouser Repair Items on eBay

Individuals looking to purchase items to help them repair issues with their trousers have a virtual treasure chest of items waiting for them on eBay. The powerful search tools available on eBay enable anyone to quickly search for and find exactly what they need to repair their trousers. Entering a specific keyword such as "trouser repair" into the search box on any eBay page brings up a listing of all the available products related to that search term. From that point, simply browsing through the listings until you find the desired product is all it takes. It is easy and it all happens in one convenient location.

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