How to Repair UGGS

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How to Repair UGGS

Comfortable and stylish, UGGs pair effortlessly with a wide variety of outfits and work well for men, women, teens, and children. Even though they come crafted out of rich materials with solid construction, regular wear and exposure to the elements can cause wear spots and damage that necessitate minor repair to get them back into proper condition. Whether the materials come from a local big box store or online at eBay, a bit of research into the repair process allows UGG owners of all ages to restore their boots in the span of an afternoon using a few simple tools.

Assessing the Overall Condition of the UGGs

Owners should first assess the overall condition of their UGGs, including the attachment of the sole, the condition of the insole, and the outer finish.

Tools for Repairing UGGs

After determining the repairs that need to be made, owners should gather ashoe brush,suede brush,suede cleaning spray, andsuede protectant spray or a complete kit that includes all of the suede cleaning and protective materials. In addition, owners often needshoe repair glue and replacement insoles for men, women, or children to correspond with the size of the UGG footwear. Another helpful addition is a towel or sheet to keep the work area clean.

How to Repair UGGs

Before starting, spreading out a clean towel or sheet and arrange the repair materials nearby to make the process as efficient as possible.

Clean the Exterior

One of the most common of the UGG repairs, cleaning the exterior of the footwear begins with owners using a stiff brush to remove dirt and loose debris from the body of the boot as well as from the ridges of the soles. Then, owners can, spray the entire suede area of the boot with a suede cleaning spray and use a suede cleaning brush to raise the nap. Stubborn spots may need extra attention to get them completely clean.

To protect the surface of the boots from rain, mud, and stains, give the top and body a liberal spray with a suede protector spray. Spray with a back and forth motion, and be sure to let the first coat dry for 30 to 45 minutes before applying a light second coat.

Glue the Soles

If the soles of the UGGs start to look floppy and do not appear to have as tight a hold as they once did, owners can use a bit of shoe glue to repair them. Turn the body of the boot sideways on the clean work surface and gently peel the sole back with one hand to ensure deep glue penetration for a longer lasting hold.

Gently squeeze the glue tube and place small dots of glue in the middle of the sole as well as around the edges for the best coverage. Immediately clamp the sole and boot body together using two hands and hold it for at least a minute to give the glue time to form a bond. Afterwards, owners should leave the boot to dry in an upright position for at least 12 to 24 hours following the glue manufacturer's directions.

Replace the Insoles

Since many owners choose to wear UGGs without socks, the insole liner tends to absorb foot sweat, dirt, and oil and starts to peel and fold with regular wear. Owners can replace the standard liner with a rubber or gel insole. This repair not only provides a sturdy footbed, it also cushions the foot. The bottom of the replacement insoles typically have a slightly tacky back that reduces slippage, but owners can add a bead of shoe glue for a tighter grip.

How to Buy UGG Boots and Repair Materials on eBay

Whether you have your eye on a new pair of UGGs or need repair materials, you can find all the styles and repair materials to get the job done on eBay. You can also find suede cleaning kits to restore the exterior and a pair of insoles to replace those that have exceeded their life expectancy, To find your items, use keywords when using the eBay search bar such as " UGG boots", " women's orthotic gel insoles ", or " Fantastic Elastic shoe repair glue " for the best results.

Owners of UGG boots can find everything they need to make repairs locally or online on eBay, and, with a little effort, can clean and repair their boots in the span of an afternoon.

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