How to Repair a Broken Zip

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How to Repair a Broken Zipper

Zips make it easy to secure trousers, jackets and other garments of clothing when wearing them. A broken zipper can ruin someone's favourite garment. There is no reason that people need to toss their favourite pair of pants out with the rubbish simply because of the broken zipper. Many professionals replace zippers, but people can save time and money by learning how to repair a broken zipper themselves. When making a zipper repair, people first need to learn to identify common zipper problems and how to remedy them. Then they can gather all of the materials they need, many of which they already have around the house. For other materials, shoppers can find a large selection on eBay.

Identify and Repair Common Zipper Problems

Zippers have several parts, meaning that they can break in many different ways. There is no one-size-fits-all method for repairing a zipper, so it's best to identify the issues they have with the zipper to determine the best method for fixing it. Fortunately, no matter what is wrong with the zipper, the repair process is relatively quick and easy.

Stuck Slider

If the slider sticks or does not glide smoothly, then it may be caught on something. Users should examine the teeth to ensure that loose threads or fabric are not becoming snagged, preventing the slider from moving up and down. If there are, users can use scissors or a razor blade to remove the obstruction. If the zipper does not glide up and down smoothly and there are no obstructions, then it may just need a little bit of lubrication. With the zipper open, users should rub the teeth with a bar of soap. Then they close the zipper and rub it with the bar of soap again. Users rub the excess residue off with a dry towel and it should glide smoothly once again.

Off-Track Slider

If the slider gets off track, it is not able to move up and down the teeth at all. To repair an off-track slider, users pry the metal stop off at the base of the zipper with needle-nose pliers. Users move the slider down the zipper (without removing it completely), aligning the teeth one by one as they go. They close the zipper to ensure that all of the teeth interlock correctly, then sew a new stop at the bottom. Using needle and thread, users make tight stitches over the old stop to ensure it stays securely in place.

Broken Slider

If the zipper is still in good condition but the slider is broken, users can just replace the slider. To do this, users remove the stop and carefully slide the slider completely off the track. They put the new slider on at the bottom and rethread the teeth. Once complete, users stitch a new stop at the bottom to secure the zipper. If just the zipper pull is broken, then people can make a quick repair by replacing it with a safety pin. This works for garments that have a concealed zipper, such as a pair of pants.

Missing Teeth

If the zipper is missing teeth, replace the entire zipper. Garment owners use the seam ripper to remove all stitches from around the zipper and remove extra threads. Users pin the new zipper in place and either use a sewing machine or needle and thread to hand stitch it in place. Zippers come in all colours and sizes, so users should be sure to replace the broken zipper with one that matches the fabric on the garment.

Find the Right Supplies

Different zipper repairs require different supplies. After users identify the problem with the zipper, they can locate the supplies they need to fix that particular problem. The most common supplies needed to repair a broken zipper are:

* Sewing needle and thread

* Scissors or razor

* Seam ripper

* Needle-nose pliers

* Bar soap

* Replacement Slider

* Replacement Zipper

* Sewing machine

When choosing a new zipper or new thread, it is important for shoppers to find one that matches the colour of the clothing garment. They should also measure the zipper to ensure that it is the proper length. Zippers cannot be cut down or tailored to match the proper length, so it is important to get accurate measurements before purchasing a replacement.

How to Buy a Zipper on eBay

Look for zippers of all colours and sizes on eBay. Use the search bar found on any eBay page to perform a basic search, or use the advanced search feature for a more focused set of search results. Use the refinement menu to narrow down the results even more. Compare prices to find one that fits within your budget. For lower prices, look for used items and sellers that offer free postage and packaging. Be sure to read the item description carefully and look at photographs to ensure the zipper you purchase meets your needs.

A broken zipper does not have to be the end of a pair of pants or other garment. People can easily repair zippers themselves to bring new life to their favourite clothing. By learning to identify the common problems associated with zippers and how to fix them, users can save money on their wardrobes.

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