How to Repair a Lawn

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How to Repair a Lawn

A beautiful green lawn can develop bald spots caused by wear and tear, damage, or pests, however well gardeners look after it. Fortunately, repairing a lawn is an easy task, and owners should start as soon as they notice bare patches. Some people enlist the help of a professional, but those that are comfortable with the task can repair the lawn themselves. Before attempting to repair a lawn, gardeners should find out why the patches appeared in the first place. Knowing the cause of the damage can help gardeners choose the right method and gardening tools for the job.

Determine the Cause of the Damage

There are several causes of a damaged lawn. The most common is wear and tear, but insects and too much shade also cause problems. Before repairing a lawn that is damaged because of insects, gardeners should remove the grubs. If the lawn is damaged because of too much shade, they should consider replacing the lawn with another type of ground cover that thrives with low levels of light.

Repair the Lawn

Many lawns are laid using turf, whereas others are grown from seed. When repairing a lawn, gardeners should consider whether using turf or seed is the best solution for the problem.

Use Turf

One of the simplest and quickest ways to repair a damaged lawn is with turf. Use a half-moon edging iron to cut away the damaged area in a square and lift it out with a spade. Fork over the soil that remains underneath the removed square of turf. Cut a new square of healthy turf either from another part of the lawn where it is not missed or cut from new turf. Place it over the damaged patch and fill any crevices with a lawn top dressing. Compress the turf edges with the back of a rake. This process should be followed up with regular watering and lawn maintenance.

Use Seeds

If pests are not the cause of the damage to the lawn, then reseeding can be an effective way to repair bare patches. It is important to reseed as quickly as possible to prevent moss and weeds from taking over the patch. Reseeding is easy: all that is needed is an appropriate seed mix. Sprinkle the seeds over the patch and rake lightly. Protect the seeds from birds, if necessary, using netting. A sheet of polythene placed over the seeds encourages them to grow.

Factors to Consider when Repairing Lawns

When repairing a lawn, gardeners should consider the location and scale of the damage, and ways to maintain a consistent colour. It is also important to consider the time of year that the repair is carried out.

Location of Damage

If only the edge of the lawn is damaged and there are no bare patches that stand out, cut out the damaged part to leave three straight edges on the undamaged sides. Remove the piece and turn it around so that the damaged edge is facing inwards and place it back in its spot. The damaged spots can then be cut away and replaced with fresh turf or reseeded.

Scale of Damage

There are times when repairing a lawn is not enough. Age, poor maintenance, or excessive damage from pests can create substantial problems. If more than half of the lawn is damaged, gardeners should consider starting afresh.

Consistency of Colour

To prevent repaired patches of different colours, gardeners should try to use turf from elsewhere in the lawn. If this is not possible, they should try to buy the same seed or turf from the same supplier as the original lawn.

Time of Year

If possible, gardeners should try to repair lawns in spring or autumn. This is when the weather is damp and cool, giving the turf the best chance to recover. Once a lawn is repaired, gardeners should maintain it regularly to keep it healthy by preventing weeds and pests from gaining a foothold.

How to Buy Products to Repair a Lawn on eBay

A beautiful lawn can be a gardener's delight. However, there are always times when it suffers damage. Whatever the cause, gardeners should repair the lawn immediately in order to prevent further problems. First determine the cause of the damage and then choose the appropriate method to repair the lawn. Gardeners that need tools or equipment for the job can find everything they need on eBay. A quick search using keywords, for example, typing "turf seed" in the bar that appears on every page, lists all of the items currently available. Buyers should review sellers' policies before committing to a purchase.

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