How to Repair a Leather Sofa

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How to Repair a Leather Sofa

A leather sofa can be an impressive focal point for any home. However, leather is also easy to damage when it is in a high traffic area. Pets, children, and guests can puncture, scratch, or otherwise mar the surface of a leather sofa. Luckily, there are ways to repair a leather sofa without having to replace the piece completely. By carefully assessing the type of damage and constructing a repair plan of action, it is easy to restore the original beauty to a sofa without a great deal of effort or cost.

Assess Damage

The first step of repairing a leather sofa is to determine the type of damage. While leather sofas are overall quite durable, there are still many incidents that can occur to damage them including scuffs, scratches, and tears. The type of damage has the most impact when choosing the best way to repair a sofa.

Repair Scuffs

Scuffs on a leather sofa are quite common and occur with gentle use. Luckily, scuffs are also among the easiest repairs to undertake. It is possible to repair scuffed Aniline leather with only a hair dryer and one's own hands. Simply heat the wax finish and redistribute it over the scuffed area.

Most sofas contain protected leather. To repair a scuff in protected leather, use a leather cream and a soft cloth to gently buff away the scuff. For particularly deep scuffs, it may be necessary to apply a new coat of acrylic lacquer. The user should test the lacquer in an inconspicuous area before spraying a thin layer over the scuff and allowing it to dry.

Repair Scratches

It is quite common for children or pets to scratch a leather sofa at some point during its life. A scratch is deeper than a scuff. On a protected leather sofa, a scratch actually scrapes away some of the colour. Therefore, it is necessary to replace the colour with leather paint that is the same colour as the original sofa. This is easier to do with common colours, like black and brown, but it is possible to track down more custom leather paints as well. Be sure to paint over the surface of the scratch and into the scratch so that the fabric does not show.

Animal Scratches

Cats can wreak havoc on any type of furniture, especially leather. When a cat claws at a leather sofa, one of the biggest challenges is smoothing the surface of the leather prior to buffing out the scratches and scuffs. One solution is to use a set of electric hair clippers set on the lowest setting. This is an efficient way to remove the small bits of leather and errant threads on the surface of the sofa. Once the sofa is smooth, apply a leather conditioner to gently buff away the damage.

Repair Holes or Tears

When a scratch breaks through the surface of the leather, it becomes a tear and the repair becomes more complex. For smaller holes, using a needle and heavy-duty thread can work to pull the hole closed. Then, simply apply leather conditioner. Larger holes require a physical patch. Many sofas have a swatch of leather underneath the couch that owners can cut away for small repairs. Using leather adhesive, affix a patch that is approximately 1 inch bigger than the hole to the sofa. Once the adhesive is dry, apply leather conditioner until the surface is smooth.

Leather Repair Kits

For homeowners with a leather sofa or any leather upholstery, it may be wise to invest in a leather repair kit. These sets include a number of items needed to repair different types of leather sofa damage including leather conditioner, application sponges, and sandpaper for maintaining a smooth surface. A good leather repair kit can make it unnecessary to purchase many items separately, thereby helping the consumer to save time and energy on leather repair items.

How to Buy a Leather Sofa on eBay

No matter how well-made a leather sofa is or how well its owners repair it, eventually a replacement is necessary. On eBay, sellers from around the world list both new and vintage leather sofas for sale. Simply utilise the eBay search box on any page of the site and enter some terms that describe the couch you want. A search for "leather sofa" yields many results while "red leather ottoman" narrows the list. You can even use the geographical search in order to find sofas located near you and, thereby, avoid shipping costs.

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