How to Repair a Surfboard Ding

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How to Repair a Surfboard Ding

Quality surfboards are expensive, so making sure they remain in good condition ensures that surfers protect their investments. Knowing how to repair surfboards at home saves surfers a lot of time and money as well. Rather than waiting several weeks for a surfboard repair shop to patch up the board, surfers can fix it and be back in the water in just a few days. Additionally, surfers can brighten up and bring old boards back to life by learning this process. With just a few supplies and a little bit of time, surfers can make their boards as good as new.

Gather Supplies

The first step for repairing a surfboard ding is for surfboard owners to gather all of the materials. Having everything combined and ready to use before beginning shortens the repair process. The average ding takes about 10 to 15 minutes to repair once surfers gather all of the necessary supplies.




Smoothes the rough edges of the ding and board before and after the repair


Strengthens the repair


Surfboard foam mixture that combines with resin to create filler

Mixing Buckets

Used for mixing ingredients; can use smaller cups for small quantities

Sanding Resin

Standard resin used in surfboard composition; made by combining laminating resin with surfacing agent

UV Catalyst or Hardener

Cures and hardens the resin in minutes

Wax Comb

Removes wax from area of the surfboard with the ding


Used to apply resin smoothly and evenly

Masking Tape

Marks the work area and keeps the repair ingredients contained


Cleans dirt and other build-up from the board

Knife or Blade

Cuts loose foam and fibreglass from around the ding

Safety Equipment

Gloves, goggles, and masks to protect skin, eyes, and lungs from harmful chemicals

Surfers can purchase each of the supplies necessary, or they can purchase surfboard ding repair kits, which contain small quantities of all chemicals necessary. These kits come in various sizes from quick repair kits for making temporary fixes to kits for repairing large dings.

Repair the Surfboard Ding

Repairing the surfboard ding is a simple process, but it requires several steps. Surfers cannot simply fill the ding and be on their way. Instead, users must prep the area before filling it and glassing it. The process is messy at first, but with a bit of practice, users can complete the steps and make the repair in just a few minutes.


Surfers prep the surfboard ding by first scraping away the wax and sand from the ding and cutting away the damaged fibreglass. They must use the sandpaper to clean up the rough edges of the area and brush away the excess dust. Surfers use masking tape to section off an area about an inch around all sides of the ding. This prevents the resin and other chemicals from reaching other parts of the board. If the foam inside the ding is still wet, users should dry the area completely using a hair dryer.


To fill the ding, users must mix the Q-cell into a thick paste. Once it is the desired consistency, they should also add about 10 drops of UV catalyst and stir well. The more catalyst added, the faster the resin cures; however, too much catalyst makes it brittle. Surfers pour this mixture into the ding, using a stirring stick to ensure it fills all cracks and crevices. The mixture should overflow from the ding just a bit. Once the mixture hardens, users sand it flush with the rest of the board.


To glass the repair, users cut a couple of small patches out of the sheet of fibreglass. They can then combine the sanding resin with about 10 drops of catalyst. They place one sheet of fibreglass over the ding and paint the sanding resin over it. Once the fibreglass absorbs the resin, users place the second sheet of fibreglass over it and repeat the process.

Sanding and Finishing the Repair

Once the resin cures, users should sand the area flat and smooth then apply another coat of resin. Finally, they use wet sandpaper to make the area completely smooth. As water mixes with the white dust from the sandpaper, it creates a glossy and smooth surface. For best results, surfers should let the repair sit for one or two days to ensure that it lasts longer and maintains its integrity.

How to Buy Surfboard Repair Kits on eBay

Find surfboard repair kits of all sizes as well as surfboard repair supplies on eBay. Use the basic or advanced search features to locate the specific supplies that you need. Use the refinement menu to narrow down the listings to a more manageable number. Find lower prices by looking for used items or shopping with sellers that offer free postage and packaging. Read the item description and view photos to ensure the item is the one you want to buy.

Repairing a surfboard saves surfers a lot of time and money. By keeping the supplies needed to make the repair on hand, surfers can fix the ding in a short amount of time and be back in the water as early as the next day.

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