How to Repair an Aerobed

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How to Repair an Aerobed

Inflatable aerobeds typically comprise of polyvinyl chloride, although manufacturers may use some combination of textile-reinforced urethane plastic and rubber to construct the bed. Aerobeds serve three purposes that include camping, temporary home use for guests, and permanent sleeping platforms. Many users purchase aerobeds to provide extra cushion on top of standard bed mattresses. Users inflate the aerobeds either manually or by engaging a self-inflation device. Consumers can find high-qualitynew and used aerobeds by shopping on eBay. Before going online, consumers should first learn about the types of aerobeds and the steps to take for repairing the inflatable beds.

Types of Aerobeds

Manufacturers produce different types of aerobeds for customers who have different needs and live in varied climates. For example, one type of aerobed constructed for users who live in warmer climates may not be suitable for colder climate users.

Open Cell

Manufacturers construct open cell aerobeds with thinner foam than the foam used to produce closed cell aerobeds. The delicate foam provides supreme comfort, but it can also lead to breaks in the foam when used outdoors. Open cell aerobeds possess less insulation than closed cell aerobeds, which makes it unsuitable for use in colder climates. Consumers who live in warmer, drier climates should consider open cell aerobeds.

Self-Inflating Open Cell

Self-inflation open cell aerobeds consist of open cell foam that sits between two layers of puncture-resistant material. The layering effect provides enough insulation from the material that surrounds the foam, although the added layer increases bed weight. In addition to ease of set up, self-inflating open cell air beds allow users to adjust the intake valve to change inflation levels.

Closed Cell

For users who live in colder climates, closed cell aerobeds consist of thick foam that insulates the body during sleep. The closed cells trap warm air that envelops the body. Consumers who enjoy camping and want a sleeping platform in case of an emergency should consider purchasing closed cell aerobeds.

Repairing an Aerobed

Anyone who has ever owned an air bed understands that the bed inevitably springs a leak. Even aerobeds used exclusively indoors eventually succumb to wear and tear and require repairs. The aerobed repair process requires users to follow a few easy-to-implement steps.

Step One

If the aerobed does not contain any air, inflate the bed until it reaches about half-full. Secure the intake valve to ensure the air remains inside of the mattress. As users move their hands over the aerobed, they should press down with both hands and listen for air escaping from the bed. Users should mark every hole with a piece of masking tape.

Step Two

Aerobed owners then apply soapy water to a sponge and wipe the sponge over the areas where leaks have sprung. This step provides aerobed owners with visual proof of leaks, as bubbles caused by the soapy water blow from the exposed areas of the air mattress.

Step Three

Aerobed users should inflate the aerobed to about three-quarters air capacity and tighten the intake valve to seal the air inside of the mattress. They should wipe the entire surface of any remaining soapy water and dry off the air mattress with a cloth or paper towels.

Step Four

Aerobed users can repair air chamber leaks by threading several centimetres of yarn through a needle. Do-it-yourselfers then apply cement from a patch kit over the leak and threaded yarn. Push the threaded end of the needle about 2 cm through the mattress leak. Pull the threaded portion of the needle back out of the leak hole and fold the exposed yarn. Aerobed owners should allow the cement to dry thoroughly before checking the repaired holes.

Step Five

Seam leaks require more rubber cement to patch them properly. Do-it-yourselfers should cover their hands with rubber gloves before they use the large amount of rubber cement. After the rubber cement dries, cut a similar sized patch to fit over the leak. Aerobed owners then apply cement to the patch and affix the patch to the leak area. Seam holes typically are larger than aerobed air chamber holes.

How to Buy Aerobeds on eBay

Consumers can find a wide variety of aerobeds by shopping online at eBay. Utilise eBay's search engine to find the seller who matches all of your buying criteria. You can search by brand name, such asAeroBed or Disney. The criteria you use are not as important as making sure the criteria targets specific sellers. Once you receive a pared down list of sellers, review the information eBay places on seller product pages to select the right seller. Read the customer reviews that eBay compiles for each seller. Consider sellers who have earned high praise over the past year for selling beds and mattresses .

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