How to Repair an Oil Leak on a Car

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How to Repair an Oil Leak on a Car

When a car has an oil leak, it is imperative to fix it or a host of other things can go wrong with the vehicle. While many people take their cars to mechanics, some people are handy enough to fix this common problem on their own. All that people usually need is a little know how and the right materials. However, the first thing to do is determine where the oil leak is coming from, as well as what type of oil leak it is. Then, owners can buy the repair parts and materials they needed locally or on eBay and complete a repair at home.

Materials Needed to Fix a Car Oil Leak

Having the right supplies on hand from the start makes repairing an oil leak easy and efficient. Make sure to have a torch, a car jack or elevated ramp, a ratchet wrench, a socket wrench, a socket wrench extension, protective goggles, silicone sealant, strong adhesive, a gasket, a razor blade, and a degreaser.

How to Repair an Oil Leak on a Car

In order to know how to fix the leak, the owner needs to locate the leak. Make sure the engine is completely cool before elevating the vehicle using a jack or elevated ramp. First, check under the bonnet to see if any oil is visible around the pipelines or engine block. Feel along the valve as well to see if it is wet. If it is, the wetness may come from oil and the valve cover gasket needs replacing.

If owners do not find any signs of oil leaking under the bonnet, the next place to look is the oil pan underneath the motor. A gasket in that area wet with oil means the gasket needs replacing. Once owners know the source of the leak, they can prepare the car for repairs by draining all the oil from the car.

How to Remove the Valve Cover and Gasket

If owners find that the leak source is under the bonnet, the valve cover gasket usually needs replacing. To do this, first remove the valve cover. Remove the spark plugs around the valve cover with the ratchet wrench and then use the socket wrench to remove the bolts from the valve cover. The cover should come out easily with some prying, but make sure it and the gasket comes out whole. An older gasket often has pieces that break off and stick on the engine block. If pieces stick to the engine, owners can use a razor blade to scrape the pieces away. Also, use the razor blade to remove the actual gasket.

Install a New Valve Cover Gasket

Place some silicon sealant around the valve cover rim and place the new gasket inside the rim. Then, apply high performance adhesive to the gasket to make sure it sticks in place. Allow the sealant to dry and replace the bolts. If sealant or adhesive residue remains, wipe it away with a towel before closing the bonnet. Remember to refill the oil in the car.

How to Remove the Oil Pan and Gasket

If the leak comes from the oil pan under the car, remove the bolts by the pan using the wrench. Make sure to wear protective goggles in case any oil drips down. The oil pan should slide out easily. Using the razor blade, scrape away any remnants of the old gasket.

Install a New Oil Pan Gasket

Apply silicone sealant to the oil pan rim before inserting the new gasket. Apply a strong adhesive to the gasket as well. Replace the bolts on the oil pan to lock it into place and wipe away any excess residue from the sealant and adhesive. Allow both the sealant and adhesive to dry and lower the vehicle off the elevated ramp or jack. Remember to refill the oil in the car.

How to Buy Oil Leak Repair Materials on eBay

Shoppers can purchase the materials needed to fix an oil leak on eBay. Utilise the Search bar found on any eBay page by typing what you need into the bar. If too many search results appear, refine your search by specifying the brand of items you need. Look for trusted eBay sellers with high feedback ratings to buy with confidence every time.

Once all the items arrive at your door, take them out to the garage, or where you work on your car. Make sure you have everything before beginning the repair job. For all your do-it-yourself car repair needs, turn to eBay to save money and conveniently have everything delivered to you directly.

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