How to Replace Repsol Stickers Like a Professional

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How to Replace Repsol Stickers Like a Professional

Repsol stickers may up the coolness factor on your Honda CBR 1000 RR bike, but crooked stickers or stickers with bubbles under them look anything but cool. To pay a professional to put racing stickers on costs unnecessary money, so take the time to replace your old stickers yourself. Simply work slowly and carefully to replace your old Repsol stickers with new ones and avoid the hassle of paying a pro to do it, but reap the same results.


Remove Old Stickers

If your old Repsol stickers are curled and peeling, resist the urge to tear them off. This could leave sticky residue that makes it hard to adhere new stickers to the surface. Grab a hairdryer and aim it at a sticker using low heat. This melts any sticker adhesive and makes it easy to peel the sticker off without causing damage or leaving too much glue behind. Once you have removed the old Repsol stickers, take off any adhesive from your bike's surface with a special cleanser such as WD40 or Goo Gone. Rub the cleanser over the surface until no adhesive remains.


Determine Proper Placement

When you purchase a Repsol sticker kit, it comes with a variety of stickers. Each sticker has a specified spot on your bike. Assess where each sticker goes before you begin the application process. Use a small bit of masking tape to temporarily stick each decal where it goes to ensure the placement looks correct before you apply the stickers permanently. There are stickers for your fender, tails, and right and left bike body parts. Your sticker kit should come with a diagram that shows you exactly where each sticker goes. Pay attention to exactly how each sticker looks because once you stick a Repsol decal; it may be hard to get it off if you make a mistake. The stickers come with a tacky backing that ensures they stay put once you apply them, so stickers may rip if you try to move them once you place them on your bike.


Secure Stickers

Before applying your new Repsol stickers, make sure your bike is clean, dust-free, and dry. Use soft, microfibre cloths to remove any water residue or dust before you apply your stickers. You should always apply decals to a clean surface. Use a ruler to ensure placement of your decals is perfect, and then remove the backing from each decal individually. Place a sticker carefully in its spot, and use a squeegee to remove any air bubbles as you press the sticker onto your bike. Work your way around the bike, applying each sticker, and wipe over the vinyl with a microfibre cloth to remove any of your fingerprints after you apply each decal. If you do end up with a bubble, use a pin or X-Acto knife to pop the bubble, and smooth the decal down with the squeegee.

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