How to Replace Your Bicycle Seatpost

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How to Replace Your Bicycle Seatpost

For some, tasks such as changing a bicycle seatpost may seem daunting. DIY and mechanics just aren’t some people’s things. However, changing a seatpost can be a simple thing to achieve, especially with everything you need being available at an affordable price, all in one place. eBay offers a wide selection of seatposts and everything needed to fit them.

Whether a child has grown and their bike needs to grow with them, or an adult feels they would find a little more comfort in a seatpost with more height variation, eBay provides the necessary equipment to suit all cycling requirements. This guide will inform people of how to replace their bicycle seatpost and indicate all the tools they’ll need to do it safety and successfully. 

Things Needed to Replace Your Bicycle Seatpost

Below will follow a table showing list all of the tools needed to remove and fit a new bicycle seatpost and a step by step guide of how to use them:



How To Use


This refers to the actual seat of a bicycle. It is safe to assume that if someone is replacing their seatpost that they already have a saddle, old or new. A saddle is the easiest and most efficient way to remove the post. It is important to avoid damage to the bicycle by pulling on it with wrenches and other tools. If having difficulty, completely remove the seatpost bolt.


If unsuccessful removing the bolt due to the seatpost being severely stuck, the next thing to try is using a steel framed screwdriver to pry the ears of the seat.


Some seatposts may stick due to rust and corrosion. In these cases, oil can be an effective tool. Actual bicycle oil is best, although any light lubricating oil is better than nothing is.


Once the original/current seatpost has been pried off, it is important to ensure that the correct measurements for the new seatpost are figured out. A caliper is an easy and effective way to do this. Measurements of both the inside and outside diameters of the seatpost  need to be done.

Seat Clamp

The size of the seat clamp will depends on the measurements taken. Thread the bolts back into the seat clamp loosely, making it easy to slide back over the seat tube.


In order to slide the new seatpost easily into the tube, a generous amount of grease should be applied to either the bottom of the seat post, inside the seat tube, or both.

Allen Key

Once the seatpost has been inserted a little further down the insertion mark allocated on the tube, use an allen key to tighten the bolt, securing the placement of the seatpost. There is the additional option of using a quick release so that the seat never has to be tightened again.

A new saddle may or may not be being used. Either way, a seat can be easily slipped onto the top of the seatpost then tightened into place using an allen key, wrench, or screwdriver.

Thing to Consider When Replacing a Seatpost

It is also worth ensuring that the correct safety measures are taken when using any tools and equipment. If not already familiar with the tools needed, do some research. There are even manuals available on eBay for bicycle owners. There are also other, more general safety measures to consider for the actual use of a bicycle, such as protective clothing. Products relating to this can be found amongst eBay’s Clothing, Footwear & Helmets section.

In addition to safety, ensuring that the correct sizes of items are purchased is essential. The size of a seatpost depends on the internal dimensions of theseat tube on the frame. They come in various diameters, lengths and offsets. Offset is the distance between the centerline of the seatpost tube, and the centerline of the clamp area.

  • Diameters range from 22mm to 35mm.
  • Lengths range from 75 mm to 430 mm.

If unsure, use the internet to look at size guides and databases to verify measurements taken.

Buying Tools to Replace Your Bicycle Seatpost Online

The consideration needed to be made when buying tools to replace a bicycle seatpost can all be either obtained or verified using the internet. Size charts, tool brand popularity, discussion boards and the best ways to unstuck a seat is all available online. Buying online allows people to research this information for as long as they need and whenever they can. The internet is a great way to come across information that people may not even be looking for, for example, in searching for safety precautions surrounding replacing a bicycle seatpost, someone may come across information regarding safety wear. Those instances make eBay’s filtering and selection process all the more useful, categorizing similar items all together.

Using eBay to Replace Your Bicycle Seatpost

Looking for a seatpost and all the tools involved in replacing one is not difficult with eBay. A user will simply start by choosing the category Sporting Goods. All sporting goods will appear, don’t be worried by the number of items within this list, there are more options to come. There will be a Cycling option to select. Users can opt to click on Bike Parts, or find items of specific brands or size by simply entering key words into the search box.

For instant purchase, select “Buy It Now” option at the top of the item list, or to bid on items in auctions against other users, click the ‘Auction’ option. If there is no particular preference then the option to search for both within the same list is available.

The words ‘or best offer’ are sometimes displayed underneath the price of an item. This means that the seller will accept a price they he or she feels is reasonable for the product. For example, if a buyer knows how much a certain brand and type of seat or bike tool is worth and would like to try their look at securing an item, they can message a seller directly with an offer. Offers may sometimes be rejected or negotiated. But if a user has their heart set on something with this option, it is always an action worth taking to avoid the bidding process or potentially overspending.

Be careful in filtering a search correctly to suit the needs of a purchase. A user may want a brand new seat and a shiny new seatpost. In this case, be sure to select the option to search for only new items, otherwise a number of used items will appear in a list and the user will have to spend unnecessary time filtering through them. Further information on using eBay’s search engine effectively can be found on the Search Tips page.

Buying Safety Considerations

Buying parts for things such as bicycles, cars and other mechanical type products often consists of items that have been used. Maybe a bicycle has been taken apart and sold in bits. This is why buyers must be sure about the condition of products. Be sure to read all the information given. Also, check seller’s feedback statistics. They may have promised items to be received within three days of payment but and feedback specifies the breaking of that promise. Carefully read any terms and conditions before buying. There may be something a buyer is not willing to agree to and will find comfort in purchasing from elsewhere.

eBay allows buyers and sellers to give feedback on all their transactions. Users tend to be very honest when mistakes are made. Take a look at negative feedback. Maybe they were small issues, maybe not. Maybe someone bought a seatpost that was specified to measure their needs, but turned out to be too small or too big. With such intricate details to consider in the process of replacing a seatpost, it is best to be completely sure about a product and a seller before a commitment to buy has been made and money has been exchanged.


If replacing a bicycle seatpost seemed daunting before, it shouldn’t now. All the tools and information needed to successfully complete the task are all available with easy access. Once all the correct measurements have been taken, head to eBay to find the best and most suitable products.  With such a large selection of goods, there is no reason not to come out with great results.

Once able to cycle safely and comfortably with a new seatpost, take a look at some of eBay’s other cycling equipment. Ensure safety with a range of high visibility clothing and protective padding. Not only does eBay provide what is needed to replace a bicycle seatpost, but it also provides everything to fulfil all cycling needs and requirements, from the tip of cycling gloves, right down to the specialised socks.

Once all items have been checked thoroughly to ensure they meet all personal and specific needs and purposes, and once confident with a purchase, use PayPal for a secure and smooth financial transaction. Be sure to become familiar with eBay’s terms and conditions.

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