How to Replace a TV Wall Mount

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How to Replace a TV Wall Mount

The task of replacing a TV wall mount must be performed with the same attention to detail as would be given to a fresh installation. A panel television which is incorrectly fitted can cause serious injury to those around it. Therefore, anyone who is unsure of how to safely complete the task should consider having the work carried out by a professional tradesman. However, for someone with the necessary experience, replacing a TV wall mount should be a quick and simple undertaking.

Choosing a Replacement TV Wall Mount

The first step to replacing an existing TV wall mount is to identify and purchase a suitable replacement. How this is done will depend on why the TV mount is being replaced. If the TV mount has become damaged, and the intention is to seek an identical replacement, then the first step will be to look for labels and markings on the existing device which identify its make and model. In order to do this, the television may need to be temporarily removed from the wall as described below. Where a different TV mount is sought, it is worth investigating all the different devices that are currently available. Some of these are outlined below:


Fixed mounts are ideal for the clean installation of a larger television, as these hold the television closer to the wall and fixed are capable of supporting even the heaviest screens.


A single pivoting arm allows the angle of the screen to be changed to reduce the effects of reflections and glare.


Double pivoted arms allow the screen to be pulled away from the wall in either direction, useful in larger rooms where there may be more than one seating area.


Friction TV mounts allows the screen to be stowed out of the way when no longer required. For example, underneath a kitchen cabinet.


Motorised examples of all of the above types of mounts are available, which allow the television to be re-positioned using a remote control.

Removal of the Existing TV Wall Mount

Before removal of the existing TV wall mount, it is necessary to ascertain the method by which it is held in place. The original fitting instructions that accompanied the TV mount should detail the method by which it can be safely removed from the wall. Where these instructions are not available, and a new copy cannot be located, investigate the mount to understand how it works. TV wall mounts are usually made up of two individual components; one attaches to the wall and the other to the rear of the television. When the two halves of the TV wall mount are joined, and locked into place, the device should then be capable of safely supporting the television.

TV Wall Mount Investigation

Where the TV wall mount allows the television to be articulated away from the wall, adjust the screen to allow as much access as possible to the rear of the device. Study the TV mount for components which look as if they are designed to be separated. These will usually take the form of a number of easily removable clips. Do not attempt to remove any components while the TV wall mount is still supporting the full weight of the television. For TV wall mounts that do not allow the device to be moved aside for proper inspection of the mount, attempt to gain some understanding of the mount's design by using a torch to view it from all sides, including from above. The TV mount will likely need to be separated by an upward movement of the screen, but it can be useful to determine exactly how this will release the device before the manoeuvre is attempted.

Preparations Prior to Removal of the Television

Place a large dustsheet on the floor underneath the television and prepare a soft surface where the screen can safely be placed faced down after its removal. Switch of the television and detach all cables and accessories from the device. Engage the help of an assistant at either end of the television to take the weight.

Separation of the Television from the TV Mount

Undo any locking mechanisms securing the two halves of the TV wall mount together and ask the assistants to take the weight of the television. Gently guide the television upwards, using a slight rocking motion to encourage any sticking components to separate. Do not be tempted to use force if the TV wall mount does not immediately release. Instead, let the weight back onto the TV mount, lock it back together and thoroughly investigate the mount until the cause of the problem is identified. Once the two halves of the TV wall mount have separated, carefully position the television on the soft surface prepared earlier. Unscrew and remove the old TV mount components from the wall and the back of the television.

Fitting the Replacement TV Wall Mount

The procedure for fitting the replacement TV wall mount will vary, depending on whether the device is an identical replacement or of a different design. Whichever is the case, it is a good idea to use new fixings which have been verified by a hardware specialist as capable of supporting the intended load.

Fitting a New Design of TV Wall Mount

When the wall mounting bolt patterns of the two TV mounts differ, new holes will need to be drilled. In addition, the original fixing holes will need to be plugged will a suitable filler product and these may also need to be repainted. The new holes must be a reasonable distance from the originals, to avoid compromising their strength. Before drilling into a partition wall, use a stud detector to locate the position of the wooden wall studs located within the wall. TV wall mounts must be directly attached to the wall studs; plasterboard fixings must not be used. Mark the position of the studs and use a wiring detector to sweep the area of the wall to be drilled. Place the TV mount wall component against the wall, using a spirit level to set it horizontal, and mark through the mounting points with a pencil. Drill a hole at each of the points marked, using a suitably sized drill bit.

Fitting an Identical Replacement TV Wall Mount

The existing mounting holes should be a perfect match where an identical replacement TV wall mount is used, meaning no additional work is required.

Fitting the Replacement TV Wall Mount

Begin by separating the two halves of the TV wall mount, where necessary. Securely attach the relevant side of new mount to the back of the television, using the new fastenings provided. Securely attach the other side of the TV wall mount to the wall, checking it is horizontal with a spirit level. Have the assistants lift the television into position and lock the two halves of the TV mount together. Thoroughly check over the TV mount, before instructing the assistants gradually allow it to take the weight of the device. Carefully test all possible articulations the TV mount allows, before reattaching the cables and allowing the television to be used.

Find a Replacement TV Wall Mount on eBay

Finding a replacement TV wall mount on eBay is simply a case of searching and browsing until a suitable device is located. Where the exact specification of the replacement TV wall mount has yet to be decided, simply enter any relevant information about the device into the eBay search facility. For example to find a TV mount for a 46 inch screen simply type "TV mount 46". As it is so easy to later refine the search results, it is not necessary to be absolutely precise at this stage. It is also possible to browse the full inventory of TV wall mounts on eBay by clicking onAll Categories and then selecting theSound & Vision option. This leads to theTV & Home Audio Accessories section where the TV Wall Mounts & Brackets can be found. Here, there is the option to view only the TV Mounts and disregard the TV brackets. The options on the left of the page can be used to exclude all but the most interesting and suitable TV mounts.


Replacing a TV mount is a relatively quick and simple job for an experienced fitter. Where an identical TV mount is used, the task may take no more than a few minutes. However, if the replacement mount is of a different design then the job can be a lot more involved. That said, the need to replace a TV mount can be an excellent opportunity to upgrade to a device which offers more articulation or automation. Whichever type of TV mount is sought, it will be possible to easily purchase a suitable device on eBay.

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