How to Reset Your Car Service Light

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After looking through the listings on ebay i noticed there were a lot of chancers selling common sense on here, How too Reset the service light or mileage interval indicators on most modern cars and vans, Why pay these people and dealers when, you can get it for free here, Yes Free.

To start with: Put your ignition key in, at the same time put your foot on the brake pedal and one finger on the trip reset button, as soon as you turn the key to ignition, push trip button and push brake pedal all at the same time. Then hold trip for 5 seconds and the mileage count down will start, til it reaches say 12500 miles, let go trip, turn off ignition and back on, job done.

On some VW AUDI BMW SKODA you might need a service light reset tool. 

Remember dont pay these idiots for information thats freely about.


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