How to Restore Old Bottles

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How to Restore Old Bottles

Old Bottles can be made of many different materials but glass bottles are the most common ones. Those bottles usually contained medicine, milk, beer, wine, and even poison. Collecting old bottles is popular nowadays, and antique bottles can add a unique and nostalgic look to your home. In order to achieve that look, your old bottles must be clean from the stains and dust that can fuse into the glass.


Restoring Old Bottles vs. Buying New Old Bottles

Many people have old bottles at home which they can restore and use again for decoration. Often, though, people who are unaware of that possibility buy a new, old-looking bottle instead. Restoring your old bottle can be a fun and creative activity you can do with your family. The common problems that appear with old bottles, including rust, dirt, mineral deposits, and etching stains, are often fairly easy to restore.


Dirt and Rust

Dirt is the easiest thing to clean on your old bottle and can be done in a few minutes of work. Soak your bottle in lukewarm water. This prevents the glass from cracking. Put a little detergent in the water and leave it overnight. Rust is a bit more complicated to handle. Always remember to wear gloves and eye protection as the rust can spread easily during cleaning. Use a piece of copper wool to gently scrub the rust away, being careful not to damage the glass.


Mineral Deposits and White Stains

The two most confusing terms are mineral deposits and white stains. Many people do not see the difference and there is a reason why. Mineral deposits occur when a bottle has constantly been filled with water that released minerals over time. That problem can be solved with everyday bathroom cleaners that can be found in a local shop. White stains on the glass happen because components in the glass leach out over time, into surrounding liquids. This is especially common in old glass bottles that have been dug out of the ground. White stains are not easy to clean by yourself and it is advised to leave it to a local glass cleaning professional. That job is not very expensive.


Decorating Old Bottles

After cleaning your bottle it is time for the last touch. Many old bottles are decorative by themselves, but you can also add decorations to them. Even something as simple as filling them with coloured tubes or decorating them with stickers can make an attractive home decor object.

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