How to Revive Your Old Chrysler Body

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How to Revive Your Old Chrysler Body

Chrysler has been responsible for a number of innovations, and it is not without reason that this brand of cars continues to find favour with many car lovers. Traditionally upmarket, Chrysler cars have offered buyers great designs and high power, and some of the older models, like the Chrysler Newport and the Chrysler Royal, still make heads turn. Instances of people wanting to revive their old Chryslers are not uncommon now, and there are certain people who look to buy old Chryslers and revive them. When it comes to reviving an old Chrysler, the body almost always needs some attention, although this can be in different forms.

Reviving the body of your old Chrysler requires that you have access to the right tools and supplies; and when it comes to buying these, you have various channels to which to turn. For instance, while you can choose to go to shops that deal in car parts or get in touch with local mechanics and body work specialists, you also have the option to turn online to websites like eBay. In any case, you should know what you may have to face in terms of the extent of body work to be undertaken, and you should know to which tools and supplies you need access. If the car requires a paint job, which it may after body work, learning about the same is also suggested.

A Brief History of Chrysler

Chrysler cars have been around since the 1920s, and a majority of them have fallen under the "luxury" car bracket. This company has seen some tough times, although it has, in the past, managed to dig itself out of trouble on more than one occasion. Their well-engineered cars gained considerable popularity after the Second World War, popularity that many of its cars continue to enjoy even today. While Jeep and the Dodge Viper helped revive Chrysler's fortunes in the 1990s, people should know that only cars that bear the Chrysler name have actually been manufactured by Chrysler, and the others, by its given subsidiaries like Plymouth, Jeep, and Dodge.

The table below shows that some Chrysler car models have had rather good runs, having been produced for extended periods, although this cannot be said about all of its cars.


Manufacturing Period

Chrysler Airflow

1934 to 1937

Chrysler Airstream

1935 to 1937

Chrysler Imperial

1926 to 1954

1981 to 1983

1990 to 1993

Chrysler Cordoba

1975 to 1983

Chrysler Saratoga

1939 to 1953

1957 to 1960

1961 to 1966

Chrysler Newport

1940 to 1941


1961 to 1981

What you can see in the table is that certain models like the Imperial, Newport, and Saratoga have been reintroduced after breaks in production, which is obviously because of the popularity that these particular models enjoyed.

What Does an Old Chrysler's Body Work Entail?

When it comes to restoring an old Chrysler, dealing with bodywork can be among the most significant tasks. Simple scratches and dents aside, people working with old cars have to check for corrosion, dealing with which is not particularly easy. While dealing with something like scratches and dents may require minimal paint work, reviving an old Chrysler's body can entail overhauling the complete body, including the undercarriage, the frame, and the fenders, while also requiring a completely new full body paint job.

People looking at reviving their old Chrysler cars should know that different problems come with different solutions. For example, the removal of dents is fairly straightforward and requires access to no more than a hammer, dolly, flip, and some body filler. When having to deal with corrosion, while small areas can be treated using acidic rust treatment solutions, larger areas may need the affected area to be removed.

Parts That May Be Needed

Body work can require access to different parts, depending on what the problem is. For example, when dealing with damaged doors, a new set of doors would obviously come in handy. Bonnets for different models of Chrysler cars are commonly sought when it comes to dealing with bodywork, as are bumpers and grills. Some other parts that can require replacement on the outside of your car include spoilers, wings, emblems, aerials, number plates, and wing reflectors.

Help You May Need

Dealing with a car's bodywork is not really easy, and the more complex a problem, the greater the chance of you requiring professional help. If you intend to get professional help, you should know just what is required and should have a good indication of how much the job at hand may cost. In addition, the professional you choose should be well adept at the job, given that dealing with some older Chrysler cars requires experience as well as expertise.

Tools and Supplies You May Need

If you intend to carry out your car's bodywork on your own, you require access to the right tools and supplies, which can vary in accordance to the task at hand. For instance, if you intend to paint your car, then access to a paint gun is ideal. When buying a paint gun, your options include choosing between standard and high volume low pressure paint guns. Hand tools, like hammers and dollies, are commonly used when dealing with car body work, and some other tools that you may require access to include grinders, sanders, stud guns, nibblers, spot welders, shears, and body filler spreaders.

Supplies you may need access to include body fillers, sanding blocks, sanding pads, rust blockers, respirators, gloves, paint, paint guns, safety glasses, drop cloths, and shop rags.

Painting Alternatives

When it comes to reviving an old Chrysler car's body, having to deal with the car's existing paint may be in order. The two basic options you have include paint restoration and repainting.

Paint Restoration

Many Chrysler car owners, owing to the cost that repainting a car entails, opt to try to restore the car's existing paint instead. If your car suffers from general surface-deep fading, you can try to remove the paint's top layer, thereby restoring the paint's original colour to some extent. However, if the paint's existing layer is already thin, if it has oxidised and faded significantly, if there is more than minimal surface rusting, or if you see areas of bubbled or cracked paint, repainting may be the order of the day.


Repainting an old Chrysler's body can be quite labourious and calls for a fair amount of planning with access to the right tools and supplies, as well as knowledge about how to accomplish the task at hand. Planning a car's repainting requires you to pay attention to various aspects, weather conditions included, and if you do not possess the required experience, it is best that you seek help from a professional. Keep in mind that professional auto paint shops carry state-of-the-art equipment that helps to deliver near flawless finishes, whereas you may have to make do with less refined equipment.

If you wish to retain a car's original colour and are not certain of the name of the shade, you can always log on to the company website to find out, or you can also get in touch with a company representative. Once you know which colour you need to find, you have various avenues to turn to when buying it. Also, since the cost of an entire body paint job can vary significantly depending on different factors like who is carrying out the job, the quality of paint used, and the type of paint used, it is best to establish a budget ahead of time.

Buying Chrysler Body Work Tools and Supplies on eBay

Carrying out any kind of body work on your old Chrysler car requires access to tools and supplies, however basic, and turning to eBay in such instances comes with many benefits. For starters, this platform is home to a significant number of sellers who deal in automotive body parts, tools, and supplies. eBay buyers can expect to find everything from doors to bonnets to spoilers to wind deflectors to paint and painting supplies, and more.

The ability to find out what different sellers charge for their products allows you to look for the best deals, and if you wish to save some money, eBay gives you the option to browse through a variety of used bodywork tools and supplies. One aspect that requires your particular attention is the postage and packaging costs you are required to pay as part of any eBay order because eBay sellers follow no set pattern when charging postage and packaging costs. So, while one seller may ask for seemingly high postage and packaging costs, someone else may offer free shipping or free pick-up in person.


Irrespective of the company's existing financial climate, the fact remains that a number of people favour Chrysler cars over cars made by other manufacturers, and the number of people wanting to revive their old Chrysler cars continues to grow. If you do not already own a Chrysler but intend on buying a used Chrysler, and then reviving it, it is important that you evaluate the car before you buy it. If you do not know what to look for, get a professional to inspect it for you because certain body work assignments can require people to spend a fair amount of money, and unless you are sentimentally attached to your Chrysler, the revival may not really make financial sense.

If you hope that the efforts to revive your old Chrysler's body result in a professional job, your best bet is to take it to a professional, although if you have time, the required know-how, and access to the right tools and supplies, this is something you can accomplish as well. At the end of the day, reviving your old Chrysler's body can result in a car that looks as good as new, and with the engine in order, you may well be the owner of a car that manages to turn heads even in today's world where cars have become as common as common gets.

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