How to Roast Espresso Coffee

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How to Roast Espresso Coffee

Inaccurate marketing and incorrect word of mouth have given many people the idea that espresso coffee requires a certain type of coffee beans. You can use any type of coffee beans to create an excellent cup of espresso. Espresso is the brewing process you use to create the cup of coffee; however, how you roast the beans before brewing is the key to a great cup of espresso.


Understanding Espresso

Espresso coffee comes in a small cup that contains pressure-brewed coffee. Brewing in a good espresso machine like Tassimo should take about 25 to 30 seconds. Properly measured and brewed espresso features a layer of dark golden cream, called crema on the surface. Crema is an indication of a quality cup of espresso, which is as much an art as a science created by an experienced barista. You can create good espresso at home with well-roasted beans and a good coffee roaster.


Selecting the Blend of Coffee Beans

At the core of any good cup of coffee are the beans, whether you make espresso or brew coffee in a coffee machine with filter papers. The coffee beans come from the heart of coffee berries and grow on trees that thrive in tropical climates. After picking, manufacturers process and bag the berries for the marketplace. The beans are later roasted. Different coffee growing areas produce coffees that have remarkably different tastes and tones. Brazilian coffee beans, a staple on the world market, form the base for most espresso brews. Manufacturers generally mix them with other beans before roasting to create individual blends. For instance, you may like your coffee to have a mildly fruity sweet tone, in which case you may want to mix some African beans in with your base. 


Roasting the Coffee Beans

Roasting coffee is a relatively simple process, but it does take a bit of practice to develop consistent results. Some methods of coffee bean roasting require intense participation, for example, roasting coffee beans in a skillet. Others require an investment in equipment that is great for saving time and energy. Many people have reported successful roasting results using a popcorn maker. Whether you roast the coffee beans in a bean roasting machine or in a skillet over a flame, the beans must reach a temperature of 171.11 degrees centigrade to 298.89 degree centigrade and you should keep them in motion at all times to ensure an even roast.


Brewing a Great Cup of Espresso

The key to brewing espresso is an espresso machine. Some machines include a coffee grinder that adds the beans directly to the machine, while others use ground beans. No matter which type of machine you choose, be sure it extracts the flavour and does not drown the beans in steam or water. Your beans should have a dark golden roasted colour and be dry before you use them.

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