How to Safely Use a Treadmill

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How to Safely Use a Treadmill

Nowadays people use treadmills for far more than just eight minutes a day. You should keep this in mind when you are considering how to safely use a treadmill. If you plan on using your treadmill for more than three to four times a week to cover several miles, you may want to spend a little extra for a higher quality of treadmill. Treadmills can be very reasonably priced. While self-powered treadmills are usually safe and effective, most people have an electric motor treadmill today. Once you have your treadmill at home, your first step to safety is to read the instruction manual. If you bought the machine second hand, then there are various manuals online that you can refer to for safety instructions. You would simply need to search for your treadmill's make and model. This buying guide is designed to help you make sure that you are using your machine safely.

Some of the current models of treadmills have LCD televisions built right into the display. Others can be hooked up to your computer monitor to display a trail scene or park. For those who do not have a lot of space, there are even models that will fold up and fit in a closet or under a bed. No matter what type of treadmill you have you must know how to use the machine properly. A variety of treadmills can be purchased from online marketplaces like eBay.

The History of Treadmills

Treadmills were not originally designed for exercising. They were first designed so that animals could be used to do jobs such as churning butter, spinning wheels, and activating water pumps. One example of the treadmill being used in the 1920's is the use in a factory for the Ford Motor Company. The factory was able to save money with an assembly line that utilized conveyer belts. This made prices more affordable for common people. In years past, treadmills were also used as a health machine that could monitor a person's heart during stress tests. The mechanical engineer who developed the treadmill had read a book in 1968 by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, who noted that a person who could run for eight minutes a day for four to five times a week would be in much better physical condition.

Operate the Treadmill Safely

Once you have read all the directions in your manual you should be familiar with the machine. Set up your machine in a level area with plenty of space. It would be ideal for your workout room to be well lit. Even if the only extra space you have is in a basement, just make sure there is enough space around the treadmill to exercise safely. Keep the treadmill away from the walls, and make sure the power cords are tucked away so that no one will trip over them. Treadmills should be kept a safe distance away from items like lamps and tables. It's a good rule to have your treadmill a distance of at least 4 to 6 feet from other items. Become familiar with your monitor and know where the emergency key/switch is located. Since this key will help you stop the machine immediately, knowing where it is can help you operate the treadmill safely even if there is an emergency. Keep the key out of the reach of children.

Dress Safely Before You Tread

When you are ready to work out on the treadmill, remember to wear comfortable clothing. Wearing sweats or work out pants; sneakers; and a t-shirt or work out shirt is acceptable. Although flip-flops and sandals are comfortable, these are dangerous for a treadmill workout. Wearing sneakers or tennis shoes can help you to stabilize your foot and support your entire body. Sandals and other open outdoor shoes can cause you to slip and injure yourself.

Treadmills from eBay are a great way to work out throughout the year. A good way to start out on a good cardiovascular fitness regimen is to work out for the first four weeks for twenty minutes a day. Walk at a pace of 4-8 mph, depending on your comfort level. In order to keep your cardiovascular regimen safe and beneficial, it is advised to add ten minutes every five weeks until you reach sixty minutes.

Warmups Are Important

Warm up exercises can help you get loosened up by increasing your flexibility. When you have stiff muscles you are more likely to trip up in mid stride. Some effective warm ups can include: quadriceps standing, side lunges, calf correct foot position, the tree pose, normal stretches, leg overs, upward stretches, spine curves, and more. Warm up for a quarter of the amount of time that you will be on the treadmill.

Most machines have an emergency shut off key or switch. Make sure you have read your manual and you are aware of this function on your machine. When you are ready to begin, start out with a goal in mind like one mile every other day. Walk or run consistently in the centre of the rotating belt. If you must step away, press pause or slow down the machine. You always want to start out at a very slow pace and then gradually increase. When you become more comfortable with how your treadmill works, then you can increase your speed or even add weights to your workout. Many people add sand weights to their wrists and ankles to develop more strength.

Cool Down to Stay Safe

When you are finished with your goal for the day, cool down. Make sure your cool down is for the same amount of time as your warm up. If your heart rate is still high, cool down until it is stabilized. If you ran on the treadmill, start your cool down safely by walking. Follow the manual's safety instructions to turn off the machine, and finish things up by doing some final stretches. It is always good to bring your heart back down to its natural heart rate when it has been raised significantly.

Exercising rids the body of toxins and helps you remove waste by sweating. It is always good to replenish these fluids with more water coming in. Always remember to replace your body's fluids. Some treadmills have a cup holder for this very purpose. In order to use the machine safely, always place your cup or bottle in the designated area. When you are ready to begin the final stretches of your cool down, hold onto the handrails to steady yourself when stepping onto the floor for balance.

Reasonable Goals Can Keep You Safe

When buyers come to eBay to purchase treadmill, their focus is usually on promoting a healthier lifestyle. A healthy running and walking regimen on a treadmill is heart friendly. Put up a picture of a heart or of yourself at a healthier point in life in order to motivate yourself to be a healthier person. Setting a goal will help you to increase your stamina. Staying at the same pace will help you to maintain, but increasing will help you to become faster, and grow muscle endurance. However, make sure your goals are reasonable. It's best to go slow at first at short distances so that you do not injure yourself.

When you work too hard too quickly on a treadmill, you can end up falling. It may require patience in order to see progress when you start out slowly and gradually lengthen your treadmill time. However, an unbalanced treadmill routine with unreasonable goals in mind can result in injury. If you are spending your time recovering from an injury, then it will take even longer to see progress.


Always speak with your doctor before you change your exercise regimen. Become very familiar with you user manual before you begin your machine. Have your treadmill set up properly in a safe location, and wear comfortable clothing with tennis shoes. Warm up to stretch and get your body moving, and cool down gradually when you are done with your workout by walking and stretching. A safe treadmill workout program can be beneficial to individuals in an array of age groups. A treadmill that you purchase on eBay and use safely can be an amazing tool to help you lose weight and keep your heart healthy.

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