How to Scan Your Photo for Canvas Giclee Printing

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There are many different ways to get your photo on to canvas. You might make use of our simple uploading system, taking a digital photograph from your computer, and sending it to us to process. But it might be tha you have a an original hard copy picture you'd like printed on to camvas but are a bit nervous about sending your treasued picture through the post for us to scan.

If you have a scanner you can quickly and easily copy the image and send it to us without ever parting from the original. Be sure to read the manual as each scanner may operate slightly differently, but below is a basic guide to scanning in your image (don't worry if you can;t find the manual, most manufacturers put them online now too).

1. Turn on your scanner

2. Check the glass is completely clean and unmarked

3. Place your photograph on the glass as indicated around the edges

4. Open the program on your computer used to scan images

5. Change the resolution to the highest quality appropriate for your image size

6. You may wish to crop and preview your image of the program you are running allows it

7. Scan your image

8. Save it as a JPEG file

9. Use our simple system to upload your photo, and you're done!




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