How to Schedule a Listing (Advanced SYI form/TL2) - UK

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Can't work out how to configure the Advanced Sell Your Item Form or Turbo Lister 2 to schedule a listing in advance of sending it live? If so - read on.


You need a credit card on file with eBay to use the schedule option:

Scheduling Your Listings

There is a charge for using the schedule option.

Read Lola's thread  If your Item is not appearing in searches read this - it may help to see why you might want to schedule a listing.

Advanced SYI Form

If your Advanced SYI form similar to this:

Click the ' Add or remove options' hyperlink in the ' Choose how you'd like to sell your item' section
It will bring up these options:

Click the Scheduled Start option and then Save.

Your 'Choose how you'd like to sell your item' section will now look similar to this:

Click the Schedule Start time and enter the relevant date & time in the respective fields.

Complete the listing, not forgetting to check the listing fees you have been charged, before pressing the ' List your item button'.

You will then see a screen similar to this, that confirms the scheduled start date/time:

Turbo Lister

In the ' Waiting to Upload' Folder, select the items you want to schedule, then press the ' Schedule' button above:

Select the 'Schedule to start on' option and then enter the relevant date and time, before pressing the OK button. If you have selected more than one item, you have the option to space out the listings at intervals from 1 minute to one hour.

The start date and time will be displayed in it's column:

My eBay

You can access your scheduled listings via the All Selling > Scheduled link

If you wish to reschedule, or delete, use the relevant button (after selecting the listing(s) you want to apply to):

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How to Schedule a Listing

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