How to Search for Horsey items on eBay!!

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Ever tried searching for that special bridle on eBay, only to find out that your search terms comes back with about 200 listing for you to trawl though?

I used to have that same problem until I found out the almost magical symbols that enable you to tailor your search to find exactly what you want (provided it is actually listed on eBay ;o). This works for anything you are searching for on eBay, not just for equestrian items, and works with search engines too.

  1. Capitalization - eBay searches are not Case sensitive. Searching for sheepskin pador ShEepSkiN PAD will both bring back the same results. Remember this when searching for brand names that are also common words like NEW (New Equine Wear), which will also bring up searches with new (as in brand new and un-used) in the title.
  2. Be specific - the more specific your search, the more likely you will find what you are looking for. If you do a search for a catagory such as saddlery or tack, you are likely to come up with wholesale lots as a result. Be focused - use key words such as bridle or saddle. eBay is not quantity specific, so search for single items such as comfort bridle, not multiples such as comfort bridles. The single search will pull us muliples as well as singles, but not always the other wary round
  3. Use wild card searches - want a certain type of item? Remember that people all have different spellings and ways of phrasing their items for sale. If you want to find all items like this, use a wildcard search -
    • A wildcard is a character that may be used in a search term to represent one or more other characters.  The two most commonly used wildcards are:
      a) The question mark (“?”) may be used to represent a single alphanumeric character in a search expression.  For example, searching for the term “ho?se” would yield results which contain such words as “house” and “horse”.
      b) An asterisk (“*”) may be used to specify zero or more alphanumeric caracters. For example, searching for the term “saddle*” would yield results wich contain such words as “saddle”, “saddles”, “saddlecloth”, “saddlery”, "saddlemaker”, and “saddler”.  A search term consisting of a lone asterisk and no other alphanumeric characters will retrieve every record from the database.
  4. Use keywords - is there a specfic brand of bridle you want? Use keywords! If you want a bridle made by treadstone, type in Treadstone Bridle and it will pull up the options for you.
  5. Save your favourite searches - eBay allows you to save ALL your favourite searches, so you don't have to repeat them everyday if don't fin what you are looking for the first time!!

This guide is intended to help you out with your searching on eBay. Try practicing some of the searches in our eBay shop Saddlery4u. We sell beautiful comfort and crystal bridles along with sheepskin products from many top name brands.

Happy eBaying!

Regards, Honey


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