How to Secure Delicate Items in a Mailing Bag

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How to Secure Delicate Items in a Mailing Bag

Mailing bags are an economical way to ensure that delicate items arrive in one piece at their final destination. There are a number of postage bags available and each type is made from a material that protects its contents. Buyers should understand the various materials in order to determine which mailing bag offers the right level of protection for delicate items.


Polythene Mailing Bags

Polythene mailing bags are best for sending several small loose items. They have a permanent adhesive seal at the top that protects electronic items from dust and creates a waterproof environment for other items that may suffer damage from moisture. These postage bags are lightweight and users can pack several of them into a single box to protect small items. If an item is an odd shape or easily breakable, users should first pack it in a polythene mailing bag, place the bag into a padded envelope and add a "fragile" sticker for extra security.


Padded Mailing Bags

Padded envelopes are typically made from macerated fibre paper padding that traps air in order to cushion delicate items. They have a permanent self-sealing adhesive strip that keeps dust and dirt out of the bag. These padded mailing bags offer generous protection for delicate items, but users should still consider using bubble wrap or packing peanuts around the item to ensure its safe arrival. This is especially important for electronics, porcelain or ceramic figures, jewellery, or multiple items in a single padded mailing bag.


Bubble Lined Mailing Bags

Bubble lined mailing bags have a built-in layer of bubble wrap. They come in several sizes, so they are ideal for a number of fragile items including DVDs and CDs. When delivering a variety of fragile items, users should pack them carefully so that they do not touch each other in transit. This means sending only one delicate item per bubble lined envelope or wrapping each item in additional bubble wrap or newspaper before packing it into the mailing bag. There are also waterproof bubble lined mailing bags for added protection. It is still a good idea for users to affix a "fragile" or "handle with care" sticker to ensure delicate handling.

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