How to Select Childhood Books for Cognitive Development

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How to Select Childhood Books for Cognitive Development

When it comes to enhancing a child's cognitive development, few approaches are as effective as reading a book. Long before most kids can read, they benefit from the linguistic exploration that comes with having their parents read to them. Childhood books come in all sorts of themes with new or familiar characters, and some include sensory stimulation with music and different textures. The right books can help parents see astounding cognitive development during a child's formative years.


Choose Children's Books That Are Enjoyable

Unlike adults, young children have no interest in delving into the world of 'literature' or non-fiction. Kids want to hear stories that are fun. Children's books from franchises like 'Slow Dog' and 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' are very popular. Each book is short and fun with a happy ending. When aiming for something enjoyable, parents should focus on age-appropriate text. Although Harry Potter is a hit with pre-teens and young adults, the books do not hold the attention of preschool children. Most books have age category classifications, such as toddler books for ages 1 to 3, to help parents with the selection process.


Select Children's Books with Familiar Characters

Experts in cognitive development believe books with familiar characters and catch phrases engage children and make them want to read. When they engage with the characters, their linguistic skills flourish, even when they are not reading yet. Popular options include 'Thomas the Tank Engine' books and 'Peppa Pig' books, both featuring well-known characters with catch phrases. Focusing on popular characters is also an easy way to find children's book sets.


Look for Interactive Children's Books

Whether it is a children's sound book or one that features interesting textures, interactive books are excellent for stimulating a child's senses. These books encourage learning and discovery through sound and touch. They also introduce very young children to the concept of object permanence, which later helps them interpret the world around them. Peek-a-boo books stimulate children to see beyond the world that falls within their immediate view, which is useful during the preschool years. At older stages, kids' dual language books can also help with academic development.


Select Children's Book Bundles for Diversity

Kids love repetition, especially when they establish relationships with particular characters. However, diversity is what really pushes their cognitive development. Establishing this diversity is not hard with a children's book bundle. Kids are more willing to change up their selections when they have plenty of choices.

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