How to Select the Right Cigar Box

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How to Select the Right Cigar Box

Cigar boxes, commonly referred to humidors, protect cigars from atmospheric humidity and moisture. Whether a certified cigar aficionado or just receiving your first box of cigars as a gift, it is important to keep cigars fresh and in top-notch condition through proper storage.


Cigar Box Types

Cigar box types include table, travel, and room humidors. To decide, consider the amount of cigars you plan to store. Table humidors typically hold 500 cigars on average, while travel humidors generally hold less than 50 cigars at a given time. As its name states, these small wooden boxes are increasingly portable, perfect for those on the go. They best suit beginners. Still, room or humidor cabinets, built into a room, often feature a number of table or travel humidors inside. While these cigar humidors hold an increased number of cigars, they are best left to more experienced cigar users.



Look for wooden cigar boxes lined with Spanish cedar. Naturally absorbent, it helps the box retain moisture. With time, Spanish cedar transfers a spicy flavour to the cigars, causing them to develop a light odour. In addition, it repels bugs, such as tobacco weevils, that often infiltrate cigar boxes and destroy cigars. It is best to avoid ones lined with Western Red or American cedars, as these materials may drastically alter the flavour of the cigars.



Every cigar holder should have a humidification device that prevents the cigars from drying out; this device requires periodic filling. Smaller boxes require more frequent filling, while larger boxes may only require filling every two to four weeks. It is important to add only distilled water to the humidification device, as the addition of tap water may cause the formation mould. To help measure the humidity insides the cigar box, invest in a hygrometer; these devices are available in both digital and analogue versions. Generally speaking, keep the humidity somewhere between 65 and 72 per cent.


Quality and Colour

The right cigar box should be well-constructed. Look for models made of solid wood with quality hinges and tight seals. These wooden boxes allow for the best ageing of cigars. Still, take into account the colour of the cigar box, especially in regards to room decor. Factor in the box style as well for the best in room aesthetics. The right one blends in with or accentuates the existing decor.

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