How to Select the Right Cigar Humidor for Your Cigars

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How to Select the Right Cigar Humidor for Your Cigars

A cigar humidor is an essential element for keeping cigars fresh, and for ensuring that they taste the best. There are hundreds of options available, ranging from low-cost solutions such as cool boxes to affordable humidors such as Cohiba or Andorini, to high-end options such as Maserati humidors. Learning about how to choose a humidor can help cigar lovers buy the right humidor for their needs.


Cigar Humidor Size

Humidors come in a couple of different sizes and can hold anywhere from one to over 100 cigars at once. It is important to consider the size because it affects how many cigars you can collect at once. While there are many small cigar humidors available, they are mostly only suitable for the person who occasionally smokes one or two of their favourite cigars, rather than for the collector. It is also a good idea to purchase larger than you need, to avoid having to upgrade as the cigar collection grows. Look at the actual physical measurements of the humidifier, as cigars do vary in size.


Cigar Humidor Types

There are also several types of humidors to choose from. The smallest are portable humidors, which usually feature a single cap and can fit one to ten cigars. Personal humidors are typically the size of a cigar box or slightly larger, and hold between ten and 100 cigars. Cabinet and table humidors are expensive humidors the size of a small bureau or safe, and usually hold several hundred or even thousand cigars. These are too large for all but the most avid of collectors. A personal humidor is the best choice for casual cigar smokers. It looks like a cigar box, and can come in leather, wood, or glass depending on the manufacturer.


Cigar Humidor Features

Finally, it is important to select the humidor based on features. The most basic of humidors does not have anything but a box. It is always a good idea to look for a humidor with a gauge, and if you want, an electric control system. Good quality puck as a humidifying material is also a good feature to look for. High-quality materials include cedar, glass, and mahogany, although many cigar lovers have their own preferences when it comes to materials.

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