How to Sell Used Clothing on eBay

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How to Sell Used Clothing on eBay

Selling your used clothes that you don't wear anymore on eBay is a quick, easy way to make money.


1. Gather items that you don't want anymore.

2.  Wash each item, according to care tag instructions.

3.  Examine items closely, looking for any holes, stains, or any flaws.

4.  Make a list of items you are going to sell, taking down brand, color, size, and condition.

5.  Take clear digital photos. If you can't tell what items you have in the photo, no one else will be able to either. If you will be selling in lots, lay out outfits together or items that are similar, and take a few detailed photos of any flaws that need to be pointed out. Otherise, take clear photographs of the front and back of each item.

6.  Take measurements: Bust/Chest, Waist, Hips, Inseam, Length are the basics. Sleeve length, neck size, and bell width (on skirts/dresses) are also helpful.

7.  List your items on eBay. Write up a title, description, and set your starting price. Make it as low as you are willing to sell the item for - lower prices encourage more people to bid.


*  Be honest about what you are selling. eBay is based on honesty.

*  Familiarize yourself with eBay's rules and regulations before listing ANYTHING.

*  Don't use popular brand names in your title or description: "Like Gucci," "I think this is Chanel," or "Looks exactly like Prada!" is considered keyword spamming, and your listed will be ended.

*  Don't include anything in your photos that you don't intend to sell.

*  Just because something has a condition issue doesn't mean that it's not saleable.

*  Be reasonable with your prices; you shouldn't expect to sell used clothing for the same price as it was when you bought it new.

*  If the items are stored in a home where there are smokers or pets, disclose this in your listing. If buyers get items which smell like smoke or have pet hair on them and the possibility wasn't disclosed in the listing, they often leave negative feedback.


*  No underwear or dirty clothes.

*  Try not to sell to people with bad feedback if possible.

Things You'll Need

*  Camera

*  Computer with Internet connection

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