How to Sell Video Console Games on eBay

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How to Sell Video Console games on eBay

If you have a bunch of console games lying around the house that you don't play anymore, you might want to sell them for some extra cash. As you know eBay is an online auction site where you can buy or sell lots of different items. Here is how to sell console games on eBay.

Things You’ll Need:
Internet access

Step 1: Obviously you probably already have an ebay account but if you don't then Create an eBay seller's account by following the onscreen instructions. An account will allow you to buy and sell items.

Step 2: Do a little research to find out how used console games are priced. Use eBay to look around and find out how much other people are selling their games for. Are they being sold in packs or as singles?

Step 3: Prepare your games for sale. Clean the games if necessary. Take inventory of the games you are selling. You might want to make a list or a database for recordkeeping.

Step 4: Click away. It helps to have pictures of your games. If you are selling your games as a group, take a picture of them together. If you are selling them all separately, take separate pictures. Since people buy with their eyes, pictures will help sell your games.

Step 5: Write a description for your items. Writing a separate description for each game will be worth the extra effort. Have someone else read the description to be sure it makes sense.

Step 6: Post your auction and watch the bids come in. Since selling on eBay is an auction, check in on your item often to see what the bid is up to. It will run for a certain amount of time before the auction is over.

Step 7: Get your cash! When the auction is over, the high bidder will be your winner. The easiest way to get the money from the buyer is by using PayPal.

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