How to Set Up a Badminton Court

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Badminton is an increasing popular sport for all age groups and abilities. It is estimated that players cover anything up to four miles in a match, thus making stamina and agility key to success.

Here are some guidelines about how to set up a regulation-size court to avoid some of those embarrassing mishaps!


  1. Measure out a standard doubles-play court, defined by the International Badminton Federation as a rectangle 44 feet long and 20 feet wide
  2. Narrow the court width from 20 feet to 17 feet for singles-only play
  3. Mark the borders with a market kit, usually comprising of paint or chalk. Lines should ba bout 1 3/4 inches wide
  4. If you do not have a marker kit, use natural boundaries to mark the perimeter, although attention should be paid to safety
  5. Tie the ends of the net to the posts positioned at the sidelines at the centre of the court. The net should divide the court evenly
  6. Hang the net so its top is approximately 5 feet from the playing surface of the court and 5 feet 1 inch above the surface at the sidelines
  7. Measure and mark service lines for singles play. These lines should be parallel to the net, approximately 15 1/2 feet from the back boundary lines
  8. Measure and mark service lines for doubles play, approximately 2 1/2 feet from the back boundary lines
  9. Measure and mark centre lines that extend from both short service lines to both back boundary lines
  10. Do a hazard perception walk round before starting play to identify and remove any threats to yourself and others


  • Recreational badminton sets are available on eBay. These may include a combination of shuttlecocks, rackets, posts, nets, boundary marker kits, installation guides and carry bags. They differ widely in quality and cost, with cheap Chinese imports for a few quid to market leading products for £30 to £50. Bargain products can be found under Badminton Sets on eBay


  • If you have a medical condition that may be aggravated by physical activity, it is recommended that you do not take part in this activity till you consult a physician. If in any doubt we highly recommend doing this as a precautionary measure
  • Please take caution if using a tree as a boundary, there have been instances where in the excitement of the game players have become disorientated and collided with trees causing injury to themselves. Leaves are also hazardous as they can be difficult to spot and easy to slip on

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