How to Sew a Tear in a Dance Skirt

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How to Sew a Tear in a Dance Skirt

Whether you are a professional dancer or are simply enjoying dancing as a hobby, discovering a tear into your dance skirt can put a damper on your day. Fortunately, mending a tear in this kind of skirt is something you can easily do even if you do not have too much experience with sewing. You will need several supplies and tools to sew a tear in a dance skirt.


Supplies and Tools Needed for Sewing a Tear in a Dance Skirt

Before choosing the materials and tools for sewing a dance skirt, determine the type of material the skirt is made of. In many cases, dance skirts are made of lightweight, flowing materials such as chiffon. You should also consider whether any of the fabric is missing in the area of the tear. Sometimes a tear can cause such damage that you have to cut a piece of the fabric away. If this is the case, you will need some patch pockets or decorative appliques to hide the tear. The basic supplies required for sewing a tear in a skirt dress include needle and thread in the appropriate colour or a sewing kit, a pair of scissors, patching materials if needed, and straight pins.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Start by trimming the tear with the scissors if it is frayed. Lay the dance skirt on an ironing board, with the torn portion face up. Fold down the edges of the tear and use straight pins to pin them together. Pressing the two sides together is advisable when using straight pins. Cut some string, thread it through the eye of the needle, and make a knot to tie the two ends together. Depending on the type of material, you may need a fine needle and thread. Start sewing from the reverse of the skirt by pushing the tip of the needle through the fabric until the knot touches it. Push the needle from the other side, right next to the knot, and repeat the pattern until the tear is completely closed. Cut off the remaining thread, tie the loose ends into a knot, and remove the straight pins from the fabric.


Extra Tips for Mending a Dance Skirt

Machine stitching is sometimes an option for dance skirts, but only if the fabric is not very thin. You should always mend lightweight fabrics by hand. Ideally, mend a tear in a dance skirt immediately after you notice it, and preferably before washing the garment. This is because washing tends to loosen the threads around the tear, often transforming a simple tear into a true hole.

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