How to Spot Authentic Nike Air Griffey Max 1's

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How can you tell if the pair of Nike Air Griffey Max 1's  that you are about to buy online are genuine? Follow these 11 simple steps to verify the authenticity of your purchase. Always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase. It's Smarter Selling & Safer Shopping.

Step 1: Shoe Box
New Nikes are boxed in a strong shoe box usually featuring the logo on the lid and side. Colour and style of box varies according to style and year. Check the box carefully for any errors in brand logos, alignment, spelling and overall   finish quality. Remember real shoe boxes can accompany fake shoes.

Step 2: Box Label
Nike retail boxes feature a label on one side detailing style name, size, colour, country of manufacture and a style number. The style number is usually 9 digits long, check that it matches the style number located on the label located inside the shoe.

Step 3: Inside Label
Inside label details vary depending on year, country of manufacture and style. Check the style number, usually 9 digits, matches that found on the box. Check that the tail of the Q in FABRIQUE starts inside the circle. Check for any spelling errors and that the stitching is straight and neat.

Step 4: Tongue Tab
Nike Griffey Max 1's feature a tongue tab with swoosh logo embroidered into it. Check the quality of the embroidery work as well as the stitching to hold the tab in place are of high standard with no loose ends.

Step 5: Right Strap Nike
Nike Griffey Max 1's have sturdy ankle straps for support and durability. The "Nike" word on the strap is embossed and should stand out well from the fabric. Check that the embossing is neat and sharp. Check that the stitching is even and tight with no loose ends.

Step 6: Left Strap Nike
The word "Nike" on the left shoe ankle strap is a very different shape to the "Nike" on the right shoe. Again check that the embossing is sharp and stands out well, and that the stitching is even and tight.

Step 7: Air Unit
New Griffey Max 1's feature Air Max Air units for maximum impact protection during repetitive landings. The quality of the finish around the air unit will be perfect, the Air unit itself will not have any paint marks on the outside or damage inside.

Step 8: Heel Stitching
New Griffey Max 1's stitching around the heel will be of the highest quality. Check that this stitching is tight, even and has no loose ends. Check the Air Max units, that they are well finished with no paint marks or damage.

Step 9: Sole
Griffey Max 1's have a distinctive sole pattern, if the sole is transparent you should see the batter logo under the tread. Always make sure the sole is high quality and not worn out if the shoes are new.

Sole 10: Sole Window
New Griffey Max 1's have the unique Max Air unit running the length of the sole. The heel features a window with flaming ball image. Check that the colour of the image is correct for the shoe's colourway.


Step 11: Download our App
We hope that this guide helps to educate you when identifying genuine Nike Air Griffey Max 1' s. To prevent you from falling victim to counterfeit goods, always ask the seller to use the youVerify app prior to purchase.

youVerify - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.

youVerify is a smartphone app that helps online sellers verify themselves and their products, which in turn allows online buyers to shop with more confidence - Smarter Selling, Safer Shopping.
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