How to Spot a Fake MAC Cosmetics Product

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I sell genuine MAC cosmetics, and all my products come from the US.

There are alot of fake/counterfeit products on ebay at the moment - that spoil it for everyone.

I would not like to put a fake product onto my face - therefore I wouldn't dream of selling anything fake especially cosmetics to any buyer.

Tips what to look for:

Look closely at the pictures given by the seller. Some signs that the seller is authentic are if the pictures are of the bottom of the packaging.

Sellers want you to know that they are selling authentic items, and they will show you as much proof as possible. If the pictures are blurry. Contact the seller and ask for some more pictures. If they don't respond - avoid the seller as they may be trying to sell you fakes.

Eye shadows do not come with sponge applicator tips. Sponge applicators are the plastic sticks with foam on the end. Most MAC items do not come with any applicators.

Look at the name of the item. MAC pigments do not have eyeshadow names and do not have black labels at the bottom of the jars - If they have they are fake. Genuine pigment jars have a name and a clear or silver label with the name and batch number on. There are some special edition pigments that only have a name of colour on label. Eye shadows, blushes will not have a number, they will have a name.

Double check the name. Some fakes will have a name, but it may not be the name of any mac items. To find out, simply go to MAC Cosmetics and click on good buys, then search discontinued items. Type in the name of the item, if it isn't in the discontinued section, and it isn't in the current selection, then it's quite obviously a fake. There are lists of genuine pigment colours on some reputable websites, search on the internet - MAC Pigment list.

MAC pigments and eyeshadows barcodes are not printed directly onto the box they are labels.  Some other items do have the barcode printed onto the box..

Check the fonts. The fonts on MAC items usually are small and in the top right corner, however, fakes may include a bigger typeface and be centered. Pay with Pay Pal.  If you receive it and realise that it is a fake, you can report the item and get your money back, the seller may eventually get banned from selling.

There are also a lot of fake brushes on ebay - especially the Kabuki brush - if you see these  for £5 - £9.  I would say 99% sure it will be a fake. You can't buy these wholesale for that price.

There are new fakes that are almost IDENTICAL to the real thing, including in colour and texture.   Keep in mind too, that even with authentic MAC pigments and other items, there can be many reasons for slight differences in the boxes, because MAC does have things made in different countries, they make changes once in awhile, there are scratches or dents in boxes that can occur during shipping, they could be old boxes like with some rare colours, that seller's have held onto for awhile, and MAC is making alot of limited edition items in China now, so this could account for subtle changes (not with the pigment itself, but with the packaging).   So do not automatically assume something is fake, if there is a very minor difference (you could also have old packaging that you are comparing the new one you just purchased too, or the seller has some of the old packaging.  BEWARE OF WHAT YOU READ ON FORUMS!  There are sellers being accused of selling fakes without adequate proof - and several times, they did NOT sell a fake, but were accused of it.  Generally, forum information is very good, but some people on those forums, just like to "get on their high-horse and stir things up, or they are also Ebay sellers, so they bad mouth/make false fake claims about other MAC sellers on Ebay..

MAC has several outlets in different countries – you may also find Made in Canada, Italy as well as Made in USA on the boxes and jars – I have found on a forum someone saying that only MAC products made in Canada are authentic – this is wrong, as MAC can be made in USA, Canada, Italy or even China

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