How to Spot a Pair of Fake Prada Men Shoe

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Every one know there is a lot of Fake Prada shoe on ebay.  Follow the guide you can easily spot the fake one.

1. GENUINE and Authenticity Guaranteed

  • Do not bid on item which does not have these words
  • Some seller will mislead buyer by using these words. 

eg 100% genuine leather Prada Shoes (this does not mean the shoes are real Prada)

2. Price and Seller

  • If a seller lists lot of them with all sizes,  they are very likely to be fake.
  • Need to be careful with all Asia seller.
  • Cost price for most of the luxury goods are about 30% of their retail price. Any price below 40% of retail price is likely to be fake. Unless the seller willing to make a loss. 
  • Some sellers sell their fake goods at a high price as well.

3. Photo

  • Do not bid on an item which uses commecial photo.
  • Check carefully with the photo, you can pick up a lot of information from the photo.
  • Safer to buy from a seller who take the photo from the goods they sell. 
  • Check the Box
  • Check the Dust Bag

4. Sizing

  • Prada sizing is running big.  All Prada Men Shoes have only one sizing information on the box and in the shoe. 
  • For men shoes, which runs from 5 to 13 with half sizing. 
  • Need to be careful when the seller only gives information in European sizing.




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