How to Spot and Avoid Fake Chanel Designer Sunglasses Online

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Designer Sunglasses eBay - Avoid Fake Chanel Glasses Guide
Authentic Chanel Sunglasses Buying Guide.

This guide provides detailed information about genuine Chanel sunglasses and how to avoid the counterfeit versions (video below).

At Eyewear Lab, we want to help buyers avoid being deceived with counterfeit Chanel sunglasses and glasses. Over the years we have stumbled upon many fake Chanel frames so we know what you should look for to determine whether they are authentic or not.

What to look for in genuine Chanel sunglasses.

1. All genuine Chanel Sunglasses have a serial number that can normally be seen. It is small and printed vertically on the outside of the left lens (towards the outer edge of the lens). This serial number consists of two letters and then seven numbers.

This serial number on the lens can only be found on Chanel sunglasses and not Chanel spectacles.

2. Along the top of each lens you should also see the name 'CHANEL' written in small letters.

3. On the inside arms of Chanel sunglasses you should see numbers which provide the following information.

Model No.
Colour Code.
Arm Length.
Bridge size.

What you should normally receive with genuine Chanel Sunglasses.

1. Chanel Paper Bag
2. Chanel Cardboard Shoe Box
3. Chanel Microfibre cleaning pouch
4. Chanel sunglasses Hard case 
5. Chanel authenticity certificate
6. Chanel warranty booklet

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a. Check past feedback comments. Past buyers comments are an invaluable tool for determining if the seller has ever sold fake goods. Read comments from as far back as possible.

b. Where is the seller based? If the Sellers location is China and you are buying designer goods, there is a very high chance it is a fake as China is the world's biggest exporter of fake goods. (No disrespect to the genuine sellers in China).

c. Check the sellers other items for sale, if those look fake then you are taking a risk with the item you are interested in.

d. If the price is too good to be true then ask yourself why? Why would any honest business man or woman sell an item for way below its RRP price? A price which is similar to other sellers is usually a good sign.

e. If the pictures are copied from the manufacturers website or brochure then ask why is the seller not providing actual pictures of the item. Is there something they don't want you to see?

d. Money back guarantee. If this is provided, then great, if not the seller is not allowing you to return the product which you are legally entitled to do under the distance selling regulations act.

Thank you for reading our guide. We hope it helps you to buy genuine Chanel sunglasses with more confidence. If you still need advice, drop us an email and we will be glad to help.

Thank You for reading.
Eyewear Lab Outlet Team.

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