How to Spot the Best Farm Implements and Equipment on the Market

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How to Spot the Best Farm Implements and Equipment on the Market

Over time, farming has moved from a manual to a machine process, creating less labour intensive work. Whether the farm has been in the family for generations or is a new enterprise that is a dream come true, the task of maintaining acres of land may require the purchase of new equipment. The greater the amount of land, the greater the amount of work that needs to be done by the machinery.

Manufacturers have created various farm implements and equipment. Spotting the best types on the market requires some research. Buyers should get the equipment that is most appropriate for the task and ensure that it is in good, working condition. When used correctly, the machinery should yield greater results in less time. Although a large investment, the benefits of farm implements and equipment far outweigh the initial costs. Farmers find that the machinery over time more than pays for itself.

Before purchasing farm implements and equipment at retailers such as eBay, buyers should consider the various types that are available and learn how they work together in order to maintain the land.

Types of Farm Equipment

Farm equipment lessens the need for manual labour, allowing the machinery to perform many of the same tasks at a much more efficient rate. When searching for farm equipment, buyers should consider the needs and terrain of their farm.

Tractors for Farms

Most farmers with a reasonable acreage consider a tractor to be a worthwhile investment. Tractors have a water cooled engine, large tyres, and a heavy frame that provides the traction and durability needed to complete farm jobs. In addition to mowing, tractors can do hauling, heavy lifting, pulling, digging, and other tasks. Tractors are well suited to rough terrain. These machines produce a large amount of horsepower.

When choosing the best tractor for a farm's requirements, buyers should consider which one best powers the implements needed to complete tasks given the condition of the terrain. This includes calculating the need for tractor power as well as keeping in mind the size of the farm. The size of the tractor should also be matched to the farm implements to ensure compatibility.

Farm implements connect to tractors in three ways: via the drawbar for simple pulling, through the power takeoff, or by a hydraulic system, which powers cylinders that raise and lower a three-point hitch. Newer tractor models usually have all three power options, while older models may only have drawbars and power takeoff.

Garden Tractors for Farms

Buyers who plan to use the tractor for simple tasks, such as moving manure across less than five acres, should opt for a garden tractor. These offer greater manoeuvrability. However, they pull fewer implements than other tractor types.

Large Scale Tractors for Farms

Large scale tractors are ideal for buyers whose property exceeds five acres of mowable land. These tractors are better suited for rough terrain and tasks that require more horsepower. They range from 16 horsepower models, which is best geared for smaller farms, to 500 horsepower tractors for commercial operations. Large-scale tractors pull larger farm implements successfully.

Mowers for Farms

Mowing is essential for the health of the land and for weed control. Mowers are best suited to farms that are less than three acres or property that is largely wooded. Mowers come in various types including sickle, rotary, reel, and flail. Each type differs in the type of cutting mechanism used as seen in the table below.

Type of Mower



Also known as reciprocating a mower, bar mower, sickle bar mower, or finger bar mower

Has a long bar on which are mounted fingers with stationary guard plates

Sickle bar is driven backwards and forwards along a channel

Grass is cut between the sharp edges of the sickle sections and the finger plates

Bar can be tilted to adjust the height of the cut


Also referred to as a drum mower or scrub cutter

Has a rapidly rotating bar, or disks mounted on a bar, with sharpened edges that cut the grass

Can mow at up to 20 miles per hour in good conditions when tractor mounted

Able to cut up to six metre swaths

Used for rougher grass and other land maintenance


Commonly referred to as a cylinder mower

Has a horizontally rotating cylinder reel composed of helical blades which run past a horizontal cutter bar, producing a scissor action

Bar is held at an adjustable height

Used to produce short and even grass


Has a number of small blades on the end of chains attached to a horizontal axis

Cutting is accomplished by the axe-like heads striking the grass at speed

Used on rough ground and tough vegetation, such as thick brush


Sickle mowers are the ideal choice for farm owners with horses as it leaves the grass stems whole in a swath. When dried, the grass can be raked and bundled for hay. Rotary mowers are preferred for their versatility and speed, allowing users to mow almost anything they drive over.

Types of Farm Implements

There are various farm implements that can be used in conjunction with the farm equipment itself. These implements help to perform farm tasks.

Front-End Loaders for Farm Equipment

Front-end loaders, also known as buckets, are attached to the farm equipment by two hydraulic arms. They assist in the scooping, hauling, dumping, and pushing of heavy materials such as manure, bedding, dirt, gravel, and snow. The amount of weight that the front-end loader can lift ranges from 500 to 3,000 pounds, and ultimately depends on the size of the tractor.

Chain Harrow for Farm Equipment

A chain harrow, commonly referred to as a drag, is a reinforced, weighted section of flat chain. This farm implement generally has vertical spikes at set intervals, which allow it to aerate soil, break up manure piles, de-thatch turf after mowing, and smooth and level terrain surfaces. Chain harrows require little horsepower to operate.

Scraper Blade for Farm Equipment

Scraper blades are used to level the ground, whether filling potholes or doing minor regrading. This machinery can also help to gather manure into a pile. They are generally mounted on a rear three-point hitch.

Post Hole Digger for Farm Equipment

Post hole diggers are necessary for farm owners who are installing fencing around their property line. These diggers act as a giant drill bit, eliminating the need for manual post hole digging. They are turned by the power takeoff and raised on the three-point hitch.

Tractor Drawn Utility Cart for Farm Equipment

Tractor drawn utility carts are used to haul feed and hay bales, move manure, and clear field debris. These farm implements vary widely in capacity and weight, and most require a relatively low amount of horsepower to operate.

Mower Conditioner for Farm Equipment

Mower conditioners, often called haybines, are a type of haymaking equipment that crush hay stems after cutting. This allows for faster curing, or drying, of the hay. Buyers may also invest in a tedder. Similar to a mower conditioner, a tedder fluffs the hay for quicker drying.

Buying Farm Implements and Equipment on eBay

When you look for farm implements and equipment on eBay, start your search on the eBay home page by typing your keywords into the search box. If you do not know exactly what kind of farm equipment you require, you can start with a general search, such as "farm equipment" and then get inspiration from the list of related searches you are offered once you receive the initial results. Alternatively, buyers who have a more specific idea about the type of farm equipment they require can type in more precise keywords such as "tractor" or "mower". All the results can be sorted by price in order to find items that fit your budget.

Some farm implements and equipment components can be rather large. Therefore, you should look for local sellers who are willing to organise a collection to save on delivery costs. In this case, you may also be able to test the equipment before finally purchasing it. This can help buyers to feel more confident through the purchasing process.


Farm implements and equipment are necessary for large amounts of land. Spotting the best types on the market can help to save time and effort while maximising the farm's profits. When searching for the best farm implements and equipment, buyers should consider the terrain of the land. This helps to determine the right type of equipment used. The best type of farm implements depend heavily on the type of equipment required as well as the tasks to be performed. Farm implements must be compatible with the machinery in order to function as intended. If hoping to re-fence an area, buyers should consider investing in a post hole digger, whereas farmers who have horses may find a chain harrow best suits their needs. With the wide variety of farm implements and equipment available on eBay, buyers are sure to spot the best machinery to help them accomplish all of their tasks.

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