How to Spruce Up Your Sedan's Interior

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How to Spruce Up Your Sedan

Interior Repairs

If your sedan has ripped seats or areas that could use some care, grab a vinyl repair kit or a needle and thread and stitch them up. Nothing makes your sedan look older than torn up seats, so fixing these minor cosmetic issues could go a long way to making your car look refreshed.

If your console is broken, take it out. Remove anything in the car that is making your car look less than desirable or makes you feel bad when you look at it. Small fixes can help the overall appearance of your car's interior.

Add New Flooring to Your Sedan

You may have old, dirty floor mats or no floor mats at all. Remedy this problem by adding some nice floor mats to your sedan. This can completely change the way the interior looks. You can purchase floor mats that match your existing carpet, or do something a bit more decorative such as buy printed floor mats, rubber mats that are sturdy and heavy duty, or carpeted mats.

New floor mats can vastly improve the look of your sedan's interior. They come in many colours, such as pink, grey, blue, black, and some offer floral prints, hearts, or favourite characters like Hello Kitty or patterned designs.

Cover It Up

Sometimes the best way to change the look of a car's interior is to add covers to existing car parts, such as the steering wheel and the seats. Bright, colourful seat covers or bold, patterned seat covers can make your sedan come alive, and a sporty leather steering wheel cover is functional as well as stylish. Change up the way your car looks in mere minutes with easy-to-use covers that slip on.

Seat Covers

If your seats are beyond repair or cleaning, or you are simply tired of the way they look and would like something a little bit more exciting or colourful, adding seat covers is an easy way to change the way your sedan's interior looks. These are generally easy to install and simply slip over your existing seat vinyl or upholstery. Seat covers are made from a variety of materials, and they come in a wide array of colours such as black, blue, grey, and red. There are also fun seat covers available in patterns and bright colours.

Steering Wheel Cover

Another way to breathe new life into a boring sedan is to update your steering wheel with a cover.. Purchase a cover that is made of rubber or a unique cover made of fluffy faux fur. Some covers can be purchased to match your floor mats, or you may want a cover that is real leather or padded for driving comfort. If you have an existing steering wheel cover looks old, cracked, torn, or discoloured, replacing it with a new one can make your car's interior look updated and fresh.

Add Some Dashboard Decor

Spruce up your sedan with a bit of decoration. Though the words 'dashboard decor' or 'car accessories' may bring to mind something like a bobbing hula dancer figurine, those are not the only options. Try a cute car vase or a colourful and fun air freshener that looks cool and smells great, like Jelly Belly air fresheners. You can also add a vintage look with fuzzy dice. You can even purchase twinkle lights for your car. Hang some fun beads, a fuzzy pom pom, or a lei from your dashboard mirror to add some colour to a drab sedan. This can be a fun way to customise your car and give it a bit of a makeover.

Update the Stereo System

If your sedan is so old that you still have a cassette player, you may want to update the stereo system. This does not have to cost much, and with a little bit of electronic savvy, you can complete this project yourself or with some assistance.

Upgrade to a newer stereo system for your car that has cool features like a USB port for your MP3 player, Bluetooth capability, or even a touch screen. There is nothing that can change the interior of your car faster than an updated car stereo that offers more choices for entertainment and has other features like a GPS and amazing sound quality.

Add a Console/Organiser

Sometimes all you need to make your sedan look a little nicer is to get organised. Purchase a console for the centre of your car that can hold small items like change and has a cup holder. A boot organiser is a good way to keep kids' toys or other things that are in the boot from rolling around or getting lost or broken. Another option for storage is a back seat organiser,, which holds maps, umbrellas, children's books, and other small items like gaming consoles.

Purchase a small trash bin for your car to keep the car looking nice all the time. Keeping everything in your car organised and the disarray at bay can make it look like a whole new sedan.

How to Purchase Car Accessories on eBay

If you are looking for ways to spruce up your sedan, check eBay for all the car accessories and electronics you need to make your sedan feel like a brand new vehicle. Navigate to "Car Accessories&" and select "Interior Accessories" to see what you can purchase to make your car a bit nicer or more comfortable. You can shop by floor mats, seat covers, or all kinds of other accessories. Use any internal page to key in something specific, like car "air fresheners".

Purchase car accessories new or used, and make sure you select merchants who are Top-rated sellers to ensure a smooth and successful transaction. A good rule of thumb when you are shopping on eBay is to see how many completed transactions a seller has, as well as what kind of feedback he or she has from previous buyers. Once you have received your items and had a great buying experience, go back to your seller's page and leave him or her positive feedback to help other buyers while they are shopping.


If your sedan is looking a bit dusty and drab, do not despair. There are ways to spruce it up that do not involve painting, restoration, or too much money. Purchasing new seat covers and accessories can go a long way when it comes to updating a car's interior and making it look a bit newer and nicer. Cleaning your sedan and organising it makes it nicer too. Whether you are on a budget and have been driving the same sedan for years, or you are just bored with your car's interior, there are many ways to jazz it up and make it more interesting, or to represent your personality a bit more.

Back seat organisers make it easy for kids or back seat passengers to grab things they need like books, magazines, or toys, and a rubbish bin keeps trash in your sedan to a minimum. Instead of spending money to reupholster your seats or take on a project like painting your car's interior, simplify your life and decorate it. Adding seat covers and a steering wheel cover, along with new floor mats are instant ways to give your sedan a facelift. Get creative and spruce up your sedan for less money but maximum impact.

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