How to Stop a Dog Barking At Guests

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Have you ever been in the situation where your dog barks every time someone comes to the door? How bout when friends come over and your dogs begin barking at them like crazy? Sometimes you have to lock them up out of sight. This can be embarrassing. In addition, people may stop coming to visit you because they are afraid or even annoyed by your dogs barking at them. It does not matter how many times they come to visit, your dog goes crazy every time.

The truth is that your dog may not be as happy to see guests as you are. This is because dogs can be territorial by nature and someone new can be seen as someone trying to take over.

Many times barking is a way for a dog to tell a guest to go away. It is a warning. They feel unsure about a new person and would rather they leave their domain. Try having your guests talk to your dog softly. Even if you are sure your dog would not bite, invite your guest to make friends with a dog first before trying to touch them, or the dog may get scared and bite. Try to have your guest socialize with the dog and they may be less nervous when they see the guest as a friend and not a foe. Over time, they might bark at first until they recognize the person. 

Have the guest offer your dog a treat. This is a sign that they are trying to be friendly. Some dogs respond well to this tactic, while others may need more work. Sometimes you can try to ignore the bark. If you get loud and scold the dog, he may think that there is something wrong and he may even begin to bark louder.

Sometimes dogs bark because they like to play and see a stranger as a new friend. They get a reward for barking, so if the barking increases when you give a treat you may need to remove the positive reward. Sometimes dogs bark because they are curious about what is going on. If they see people getting excited, they will want to see what the excitement is about. So have the dog see what is going on, especially if you decide to remove them from the guests after that. It will reduce their curiosity.

Sometimes dogs bark because they want companionship. If they are tied up a lot or their master does not give them enough attention they will try to find it elsewhere with your guests. Try to spend time with them before guests arrive and after they leave so that you can meet their need of companionship.

If all else fails and the barking is persistent or annoying you may consider buying an ultrasonic device. Often, an ultrasonic bark free unit will train a dog and eliminate nuisance barking in a matter of a couple of days. Some ultrasonic bark free units even come with a manual button that allows the pet owner to use the unit to deter a dog from barking when guests come to the door. They learn that barking when people come to visit is not allowed.

The good news is that there are a number of different brands of bark collars to choose from. Make sure you spend your time researching the best one. Many cheap and ineffective models are available. Some of the more reputable names are PetSafe or Koolatron. Not only are the most efficient and reliable numbers, but they also include easy to understand systematic instructions about how to use your ultrasonic dog collars.

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