How to Style Your Transparent Clutch Bag

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Before starting this introductory lesson into Styling a Rebellious Clutch, we would like to make clear (no pun intended) if you have and are using a transparent clutch bag and just throwing anything into it, that is at your own discretion, however we believe you have just defeated the whole point of wearing a clear clutch bag, its not rebellious at all.... just saying: -p.
So to begin...

0.1 Establish where you are going with your Rebellious Clutch
If you have dressed for the occasion with a Rebellious Clear Clutch Bag to match, you need the contents of your bag also to correspond.  So start sifting through your trinkets boxes, draws, and wardrobes etc.

0.2 Sort everyday essentials in to most stylish vs. most important
OK, so if you are already consider yourself a fashionista this should be no issue for you, however if you are not here is a check list to go by, are you ready?
  • Branding and Packaging
  • Colours and textures
  • Sizing
  • Appropriateness
Once you feel you have ticked off all of the above you will be able to then consider the next point.

0.3 Colour Coordination
Not everything in your Rebellious Clutch has to be coordinated with your outfit, but it does have to compliment your outfit this includes, make up and hair.  Sounds tricky, don't worry as long as your not going camping or on a long haul flight where things like sanitary items and deodorant with funky packaging are not so important, these things can easily be left out of the bag and at home.

0.4 The placement of your products
Referring back to sizing on our checklist, you will already have suitable sized essentials aside ready to insert.  Make sure your differently shaped and sized everyday essentials look nice next to each other and are not squished together, we want nice smooth lines and things to be easy to take out and put back in. 

Tip: if you have some not so attractive essentials like house keys or oyster/travel card, find a cute little pouch or compartment to put them in.

0.5 On the go styling
This is if your OTT, OCD, or just O  (Obsessed) like us :-), then if your like us and your an avid chewing gum, mint, pain killer, sanitizer purchaser, its always nice even if its not your favorite brand, to choose something that my compliment the contents of your bag, its a nice a dedicated and detailed touch.

We hope this was helpful, and as the fabulous Ru Paul would say,

Good Luck and Don’t F*$k It Up!

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