How to Style a Peplum Dress for Formal Occasions

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How to Style a Peplum Dress for Formal Occasions

Maybe a special event is just around the corner, and a peplum dress is perfect for the occasion, but a woman still has to decide what to wear with the dress. Peplum dresses have unique personalities with extra layers of fabric winding around waistlines to accentuate women's figures. The dresses create a specific type of stylish look, and it is important to make sure the accessories are appropriate to complete that look.


Find the Perfect Jewellery

Elegant jewellery classes up a dress and makes the entire look appear more formal, but it is important to not go overboard. Unless the event is the Diamond Jubilee, the necklace with multiple rows of diamonds should stay in its display case in favour of something a little less flashy. Even a simple gold chain can accentuate the dress in a simple, classy way. When wearing several elegant pieces of jewellery, the styles should not clash. Yellow gold and white gold do not go together. Women should also avoid mixing costume jewellery with nice gemstones like diamonds.


Wear the Perfect Shoes

Women usually own a dizzying number of options when it comes to shoes, and that sometimes makes pairing them with outfits a challenge. Most formal occasions dictate that woman wear high heels, but dressy flats do exist for those whose knees and ankles do not do well in heels. Because peplum dresses are usually shorter, they work with both high heels and flats without making a woman appear too short or too tall. Traditional leather shoes often look like they belong in the office and not at a party. Patent leather, on the other hand, has a shine to it that is great for formal occasions. The most important thing is to match the dress style to the shoes. Sticking with traditional white or black high heels is easy, but tasteful colours can completely transform an outfit.


Apply the Finishing Touches

After finding complementary accessories and the perfect shoes, women have to prepare themselves to wear the dresses. Hair, makeup, and nails should all look beautiful, or it looks like zero effort went into putting outfits together. Leaving the hair down is fine as long as it looks stylish. The makeup should be subtle and flawless. Fingernails look best in tasteful, neutral colours unless the dresses feature bold, bright colours. Toenails also require painting unless the shoes completely cover the toes.

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