How to Take Care of Your Furry Friend's Cat Bed

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How to Take Care of Your Furry Friend's Cat Bed

Every cat needs a nice warm bed to snuggle up in. Your furry friend needs somewhere to go when it is cold, tired, or afraid, and its cat bed is the perfect place. Therefore, you need to take proper care of the bed so that your cat is comfortable when inside. Learning how to care for your cat's bed ensures your pet has the comfort it needs, and it considerably extends the life of the cat bed, too.


Positioning Your Furry Friend's Cat Bed

Avoid placing the cat's bed directly in the path of draughts from open doors and windows. Additionally, if possible, raise the bed off the ground, as this makes your cat feel more secure. Place the bed in a quiet location, when possible, as cats feel more secure in a peaceful environment. You can also take note of the places in which your cat likes to sleep, and place the cat bed in those locations. In the winter, do not place the bed too close to a heat source for extended periods, as you risk burning the fabric, melting the inner filling, and posing a serious fire hazard. Additionally, your cat generates a lot of body heat, and placing the cat bed too close to a heat source can make it uncomfortably warm inside. Cats are clean animals, so avoid spilling anything on the bed or letting it be in close proximity to strong or unpleasant odours. Never leave the bed near the litter tray, as cats do not like to sleep where they toilet.


How to Clean Your Furry Friend's Cat Bed

You need to clean the cat bed regularly; however, you must avoid giving the cat bed a strong scent from the cleaning agents. Only use mild detergent, preferably odourless, with 128 grams of baking soda to remove odour and give a thorough wash. If possible, dry the cat bed on the line. This helps to freshen the bed, inside and out, and allows the scent from the wash to dissipate.


Keeping Your Furry Friend's Cat Bed Free From Parasites

If you have cats or dogs, the battle against parasites in a constant one, and you must be vigilant, even if you have a regular flea and tick, or parasite, programme instead. Even if your pets are protected, they can still carry in parasites, and your house is easily infested with all kinds of nasty bugs. Vacuum the bed regularly, lifting out any removable cushions and making sure you get into every nook and cranny. When you wash, use 60 degrees Celsius or higher to kill all parasite adults, larvae, or eggs.

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